What Happens If I Miss An Instagram Reminder?

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How To View Your Past Posts On Your Mobile Device

To access your previous Posts in the SmarterQueue Mobile App, or if you miss a reminder and would like to share your post anyway, simply open the app and you will see your last 20 Posts on the screen. 

You can then tap on any post to begin publishing to Instagram!

You can mark posts that have already gone out "Done" and remove them from your list! Simply swipe left on the post preview to clear it from your view 😊

How To Re-Send An Instagram Post To Your Mobile Device

You can also find your previous Instagram posts in your main desktop SmarterQueue dashboard. 

1. Navigate to Analytics on the top menu and click ' Past Posts'

2. Use the filters on the left-hand pane to 'Filter By Profile' and select the Instagram account associated with the Post you'd like to find 

3. Click the three dots '...' in the top right of the post and select 'Re-Send Notification' to send a notification to your phone