How To Share Multiple Links

If you are creating a post in the Post Editor and want to share two or more links, please read this guide.

How To Share Multiple Links

While you are able to add multiple links to one post, there are specifics that you will need to consider in order to get the best results.

Analytics & Bitly Shortening

When posting multiple links, you need to be aware that  only the first one will be shortened and trackable. This means that analytics and automatic shortening won't be available for subsequent links.

In the Post Editor, you will see your first link replaced by a placeholder, while the second will be displayed as entered by you:

We can see below that only the first link is replaced with a shortened Bitlink and is used to generate the Link Preview:

This means that, if you want to be able to track additionally added links for the purpose of Analytics, you will need to shorten them manually, natively. 

To do so, log into your Bitly account in a new tab of your browser, create a link, then copy! 

Make sure to add the first link to your post, allow Post Editor to replace it with a placeholder, and then add subsequent links that you've shortened manually. 

Link Previews

When adding multiple links to your post in Post Editor, the Preview Pane on the right-hand side will automatically generate a preview (image + title + description). 

This preview will be generated based on the first link entered. 

However, once the post is sent out, the preview generated natively is for the second link.

At this time, if you are posting multiple links within a post through SmarterQueue, make sure to add the link for which you would like a preview generated as second. 

Our tech team is aware of this quirk and currently working on a fix 💪