How To Add A Social Profile With Two-Factor Authentication Enabled

For added protection, some of your Social Profiles may have two-factor authentication enabled. Rest assured you can easily connect them to SmarterQueue 💪

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What Is Two Factor Authentication? 

Two-factor authentication is an added step to your regular log-in process, that ensures a higher level of security when accessing your Social Profile natively. All social platforms currently offer this additional layer of security. 

In addition to your regular log-in credentials, they will require that you enter a code received either via a text message to your mobile phone or that you retrieve from a third party authentication app, such as Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile

Does SmarterQueue Work With Social Profiles That Have Two-Factor Authentication Enabled?

SmarterQueue absolutely works with Social Profiles that have Two-Factor Authentication Enabled. 🎉

To connect the Profile to SmarterQueue, simply ensure you're already logged into the Profile in your browser and have completed the two-factor authentication. 

Next, you can simply add the Social Profile to SmarterQueue by following the exact same steps as you would normally and ensuring that you accept all permissions requested by SmarterQueue during the process.