How To Add Or Remove A Social Profile

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Add a new profile

First, make sure you’re currently logged into the profile you want to add. Now, navigate to the Profiles page. Find the social profile type that you want to add, and click Add a Profile.

Follow the on-screen prompts, and make sure to allow all permissions, if asked.

That’s it! Your new profile is ready to use. All you need to do now is assign categories and add timeslots for your new profile. If you like, you can copy your existing posts to your new profile as well.

Remove an existing profile

On the Profiles page, click the down arrow on the icon of the profile you want to remove. Note: When you remove a profile, you will lose all posts for that profile, as well as their analytics. Remove profiles with care!

Click Remove Profile. In the dialogue box that appears, click Remove to confirm.

Common questions

I got a blank screen after clicking “Add Facebook Page.” What happened?

If you are trying to add or reconnect a Facebook Page, some users have reported seeing a blank screen after clicking “Add Facebook Page.” This is a result of having a certain filter list running in AdBlockPlus. You must disable that filter list and then try to add the Facebook page again.

Can I use the same social profile with two different SmarterQueue accounts?

SmarterQueue has been designed to allow social profiles to be added to one SmarterQueue account at a time. This is mostly because we allow you to login to your SmarterQueue account from your social profiles. Because of that, anyone with access to that social profile would have access to your SmarterQueue account.

How do I switch one profile to another? 

If you are under your plan limit for profiles, you can add your new profile without deleting anything. But, if you’re at your plan profile limit, you will need to remove the profile you want to replace following the steps above before connecting your new profile. If you want to keep your posts and analytics for the profile you want to remove, contact us for help.

Can I recover my posts from a deleted profile?

When someone deletes their profile, we only change a couple of labels in our database – we don’t delete any data. So if necessary, we can recover everything for any deleted profile (profile connection, posts, timeslots, etc). Just contact us to get that done.

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