How To Add Multiple Bitly Accounts

If you want to use different Bitly accounts to track clicks for each of your social profiles, then we have good news! ✨

SmarterQueue lets you easily connect multiple Bitly accounts and configure which Social Profile is associated with each one. 

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How To Connect Additional Bitly Accounts

Adding another Bitly Account to SmarterQueue only takes a few quick steps. 

1. Make sure you’re logged into the Bitly Account you’d like to connect to inside your browser.

Note: If you've last logged into a different account, you will either add the wrong one to SmarterQueue, or you'll simply refresh the connection to a Bitly account that is already added. 

2. Navigate to the Profiles page on your SmarterQueue dashboard.

3. Click on the Bitly button.

4. Follow the prompts on the screen to authorize the connection and "Allow" access.

5. Once your Bitly account is connected, it will be available to associate with the Social Profiles you want to track with it. 

How To Set Which Bitly Account Tracks Clicks For Each Social Profile

You can manage link tracking in your SmarterQueue Settings

1. Under "Default Link Tracking" there will be a dropdown that will allow you to select the default Bitly account to be applied. 

2. If you want to select a specific Bitly account and/or link shortener for specific Social Profiles, select "Add custom link tracking for a Social Profile."

3. In the "Add Custom Link Tracking" drop-down menu:

  • Select the link shortener you want to use for what Social Profiles
  • Then, select the Profile(s) that you want these settings applied to
  •  Click "Save"

💡To turn link tracking off for these Social Profiles, select "None" from the drop-down menu. 

4. Once saved, the custom link tracking will be visible in your settings and you can edit or remove it at any time.

Now when you add a link to a post for one of these Social Profiles, SmarterQueue will default to using your customized settings.

Click here for more information on Bitly settings and what would work best for you.