How To Set Up Custom Link Tracking For Social Profiles

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Setting Up Custom Link Tracking

You can manage link tracking in your SmarterQueue Settings.

From here, click 'Add custom link tracking for a social profile'.

In the 'Link Tracking' drop-down menu;

  • Select the link shortener you want to use for these social profiles
  • Then, select the Profile(s) that you want these settings applied to
  •  Click 'Save'
💡To turn link tracking off for these social profiles, select 'None' from the drop-down menu. 

Now when you add a link to a post for one of these social profiles, SmarterQueue will default to using your customized settings.

When Custom Bitly Accounts Make Sense

In your SmarterQueue Settings, you can choose which Bitly domain to use for each of your social profiles, or turn link tracking on or off on a profile-by-profile basis.

Here are some examples of why this is useful:

  • If you are managing different brands or clients, they can have their links tracked with their own Bitly accounts. This allows each client to view detailed analytics for just their own links in’s analytics dashboard.
  • If you are using a custom domain for your Bitly links (e.g., you can choose whether to use that custom domain for all your social profiles, none of your profiles, or just some of them.

Using Your Own Domain

If you want to use your own custom domain for link shortening, you should follow Bitly’s instructions to connect the domain to your Bitly account. 

Once you’ve done that, and the Bitly account is connected in SmarterQueue, you can choose that custom domain for all links posted through SmarterQueue.

As above, you can choose to use your custom domain for just one social profile, a group of social profiles, or all your social profiles.

If you don’t want to buy your own custom domain name, Bitly provides a choice of short domain names you can use for your links:

  • (the default option)

You may notice that some links you shorten will have a different short domain name (e.g. gets shortened as, gets shortened as 

Those websites are using Bitly’s Pro service, where their branded domain name is used whenever anyone shares a link to their website.

If you have selected to shorten your links with or and share a link to a website with a Bitly Pro branded short domain, your link will use the branded short domain. 

However, if you have selected to shorten your links with or your own custom domain, your link will not use the website’s branded short domain but will respect your choice.

Bitly Limits

  • You can make 100 bitlinks per minute on a single Bitly account
  • You can make 1,000 bitlinks per hour on a single Bitly account
  • You can make 500 branded bitlinks per month on a single Bitly account (free plan)
  • You can make 5,000 bitlinks per month on a single Bitly account (free plan)
  • Due to API Restrictions on Pinterest, there is no current Link Tracking available.