What Are Hidden Posts? The Error Says The Profile-Category Pairing Is Disabled

What Are Hidden Posts?

Hidden posts are posts that are inside of the 'Hidden' folder of your Queue. Posts are marked as 'Hidden' when their Profile-Category pairing or Sub-Queue has been disabled. 

What Does The 'Profile-Category Pairing Is Disabled' Error Mean? 

This error simply means that you have added posts to your Queue for a specific Profile and Category, but on the Categories page you have disabled the Profile for that specific Category.

In this example, the Facebook Page and Group are disabled for the 'Travel' Category:

You’ll see the 'Profile-Category pairing is disabled' error message in a few places including:

  • In your Info Pane of the Queue
  • In the top toolbar of the Queue
  • On the Posting Plan

  • Hidden posts in the Info Pane of the Queue     

  • Hidden posts in the top toolbar of the Queue

  • Hidden posts on the Posting Plan page

How Do I Fix This Error?

1. To remedy this, navigate to the Hidden posts folder of your Queue

2. Each post that is hidden will show an individual warning that explains which Profile + Category Timeslot needs to be created to move the post back into the normal Queue 

3. Hover over the red exclamation mark to see the error message, then select 'Click to enable the Profile and Category pairing' 

4. This will bring you to the bulk-edit Categories page. The Profile + Category pairing you need to enable will be highlighted in red. Click the checkbox to enable it 💪 

5. Enable as many pairings as you like, then click ' Done'

When you navigate back to your Queue, you’ll see your posts are now Queued and ready to go! 🎉