What Are Sub-Queues?

How Sub-Queues Work

For example: If you have two Categories (Inspiration and Articles) and you have connected two social profiles (a Facebook page and a Twitter profile,) you will have 4 different Sub-Queues:

– Inspiration + Facebook page
– Inspiration + Twitter profile
– Articles + Facebook page
– Articles + Twitter profile

When you add a new post, you must first tell SmarterQueue which Category you’d like the post to be in.

You must then choose which profiles you’d like the post to publish to.

If you select the Articles Category and also select your Facebook page and your Twitter profile, that post will be added to the Sub-Queues for both Articles + Facebook Page and Articles + Twitter profile. You’ll see two posts in your Queue, but they’re really in two separate Sub-Queues with two separate schedules.

You can see your Sub-Queues by using the filters on the left-hand side of the Queue page. Select a social profile and a Category – the posts you see on the right are the Sub-Queue for that specific social profile + Category. In this filtered view, posts are still displayed in the order that they will be published.

Articles + Facebook page Sub-Queue

Articles + Twitter profile Sub-Queue

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