What Are Sub-Queues?

How Sub-Queues Work

If you have two Categories ('Inspiration' and 'New Blog Posts') and you have connected two Social Profiles (a Facebook page and a Twitter profile,) you will have 4 different Sub-Queues:

  1. Inspiration + Facebook page
  2. Inspiration + Twitter profile
  3. New Blog Posts + Facebook page
  4. New Blog Posts + Twitter profile

When you add a new post, you must first tell SmarterQueue which Category you’d like the post to be in:

You must then choose which Profile(s) you’d like the post to publish to:

If you select the 'Inspiration' Category and also select your Facebook page and your Twitter profile, that post will be added to the Sub-Queues for both Inspiration + Facebook Page and Inspiration + Twitter profile. 

You’ll see that there are two posts in your Queue, but they’re really in two separate Sub-Queues with two separate schedules. 💪 

How Can I View The Posts In A Sub-Queue?

1. Navigate to the Queue

2. Use the filters on the left-hand side of the Queue to narrow your view. By selecting a Social Profile and a Category you can filter to see the posts of one specific Sub-Queue 😊 

In this filtered view, posts are still displayed in the order that they will be published.

3. You can change the filters to view different Sub-Queues and their posts

This can be helpful to determine what content you need to create to top up your Categories!