How To Schedule Yearly Content For Holidays

Holidays should be a time for celebration when every hard-working SmarterQueue user should be able to take some time off, knowing that their content is sorted and planned in advance. 

With SmarterQueue's ability to save recurring posts, it's easier than ever to plan ahead, schedule festive-themed content to repeat once a year πŸ“…, and delight your followers with the effort you've put into brightening their special days. ✨

To post the same post at the exact same time every year...

1. Click on " Create a Post".

2. Select a Category, the Social Profile(s) you want to publish to, and add your text and media. 

Pro Tip: Use our Variations feature to add multiple caption and/or media options from the beginning and keep your annual holiday posts always fresh, without having to go back to edit them again.

3. Scroll down to "Post Timing" and select " Recurring" to have the post repeat. 

4. Next, select the time and date when your post will be published first. 

5. Then select how often the post should be published moving forward.

In this case, we've created a post that will go out every year on December 1st, at 10 AM, to share the love with your audience and look toward your next adventures. 🀟

6. Recurring posts will be published in perpetuity. Should you want the post to expire at some point, you will be able to select this under "Should This Post Expire?"

You can have the post expire after being published a specific number of times or after a certain date. Keep in mind that the expiry date can’t be before the initial Post date.

Well done! Now your post is going to publish every year πŸ₯³

And the best part is you don't have to alter your regular Posting Plan or create and manage a new Categories (seasonal or otherwise) to make sure that this recurring post will help you share the love over the holidays! ✨

Note: Evergreen Recycling options are not available for recurring posts, as they already repeat based on their settings. 

πŸ’‘    Twitter doesn't allow duplicate or substantially similar posts to be sent within the same profile, or to multiple Twitter profiles within one SmarterQueue account. As such, your scheduled post will be published as original once, and then   we will retweet it on the following times & dates, instead of sending out a new Tweet. You can read more about Twitter duplicate tweet rules here.