Can I Publish The Same Post To Multiple Twitter Accounts? Why Posts Are Being Rejected As Duplicate Content

With SmarterQueue, we’ve built the Evergreen feature to allow for long-term Recycling. 
Our intention is for you to have a Library of dozens or hundreds of Evergreen posts that will be published over a series of days, weeks, or months. When they run out, your Queue starts again from the top of your Library. 

Evergreen Recycling is not intended for short-term repeating of content, like posting the same content after a few hours. 

This is because Facebook and Twitter have their own measures in place to prevent people from publishing the same content in quick succession.

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Duplicate Guidelines For Twitter

Twitter introduced duplication policy rules on March 23, 2018. These rules include:

  • No duplicate or substantially similar posts to be sent within the same profile
  • No duplicate or substantially similar posts to be sent from any other Twitter profiles within one SmarterQueue account
  • These rules apply for all time, not just for a 24-hour window
  • These rules apply for scheduled/queued tweets as well as live tweeting

We’ll be checking each tweet before it is published, to find out whether it’s been sent on any of your Twitter profiles already (profiles connected to your SmarterQueue account). 

With SmarterQueue, you can share the same tweet to up to 10 Twitter profiles at once. This can happen in two ways:

  • You’ve manually scheduled tweets for the same set date & timeor
  • The Queue for all your profiles aligns exactly. This means that the same tweet will be posted to multiple profiles at exactly the same time.

If a post is a duplicate, we will Retweet the original post instead of sending a new Tweet. In practice, this means that one profile will publish the post as a native tweet (presuming you haven’t already published it before). 

Then, 20 seconds later, the next Twitter profile will retweet the original tweet. 

This will continue until all of your selected profiles have retweeted the original tweet.

This will have the effect of bumping the Tweet to the top of your feed and showing it to your followers again.

You can set up retweet priority, to determine which Twitter profile publishes the original tweet while the others will retweet. 

💡You cannot use “Post Now” to post the same tweet to multiple profiles.

Duplicate Guidelines For Other Platforms

  • You can’t post exactly the same text within 24 hours
  • If you have 10 Timeslots in a Queue (for a single profile + Category), you must have at least 5 posts in that Queue. 
    • This is to prevent the same content from being posted more than twice per week
    • You’ll get a warning in your Queue if you don’t have enough Evergreen posts for your given Posting Plan
    • You can fix this by adding more Evergreen posts, or by removing some Timeslots from your Posting Plan
  • If your Queue repeats itself within one week, your Timeslots must be spread out across the week so that no post is repeated twice on the same day.

These measures are in place to protect your account from being suspended by Twitter, Facebook, or any other social platform. 

💡These measures and checks only apply to posts made from within SmarterQueue

We can’t check other posts published by other services or ones published natively on any social media platform.        

If, for example, you publish a post directly through and then an identical post through SmarterQueue, you are at risk of violating Twitter’s anti-spam rules.