How To Report An Issue With The Support/Success Team

Our SmarterQueue team works hard to give you the best experience possible, but we understand that sometimes you need to reach out for assistance. If that's the case, we have you covered 💪

Our Customer Success superstars 💫 are based all over the world, and aim to help you as quickly, and in as much detail as possible! 

To make sure we have all the information needed to provide the best solution right away, please follow the steps below to let us know what SmarterQueue issue you're experiencing. We'll get right on it! 

How To Report Your Issue

1. Reach out to the Support team - you can do so by either following the steps detailed here or by simply sending an email to

2. When writing in, please make sure to include as many details as possible (you can copy this over to your email/ticket):

  • When did the incident happen? Please specify the exact date and time, so we can identify it in our logs.
  • What social profile(s) is/are affected? Mention, for example, "the issue involves the Facebook Page Smart Co LTD"
  • A description of your workflow - for example, "I was in the process of uploading a video, and an error appeared on the screen", or "I was editing a post on its second cycle, including text variations, and the Save button became unresponsive", etc.
  • The entire text of any error you saw, or a full-screen screenshot of the whole page, showing the errors/issues, as well as all information that may be relevant. Even better, record a Loom video while following your workflow. Loom is very easy to do, free to use, and will show us first-hand what you're experiencing. That way, if we can't see or fix your problem we can quickly escalate it to the Tech Team. 

3. Send out your request!

Note: Email support is currently available 5 days per week, but we will check during the weekends for urgent matters. We aim to respond within 24 hours or less 🏋️♀️