How To Work With TikTok

TikTok has arrived!

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How To Set Up A TikTok Profile

TikTok is not just a leading platform in the short-form video space; it's a global phenomenon that captivates millions, making it an essential tool for boosting brand visibility and engaging with a diverse audience.

Creating a presence on TikTok allows your business to tap into a dynamic and creative community, enabling you to showcase your brand's unique personality and connect with customers in real-time. With its vast user base and engaging content format, TikTok offers unparalleled opportunities to make your business stand out and resonate with both new and existing customers.

It only takes a few quick steps to set up your profile:

  1. Install TikTok on your Android, iPhone, or iPad.
  2. Open the TikTok app.
  3. Choose how you'd like to sign up.
  4. Verify your age.
  5. Enter your sign-in details.
  6. Confirm your email address or phone number.
  7. Create a TikTok username.
  8. Complete the sign-up process.

Check out a complete Get Started Guide for TikTok Profiles and make sure you and your business are set up for success. 

How To Add Your TikTok Profile(s) To SmarterQueue

1. Navigate to the Profiles page on your SmarterQueue dashboard.   
2. Make sure you’re logged into the TikTok account you’d like to connect inside your browser, then simply click on "Connect" for Google to add inside SmarterQueue.   

3. Follow the on-screen prompts to authorize the connection between your TikTok Profile and the SmarterQueue app, and make sure to allow all permissions (all visible toggles should be enabled).

Congratulations! 🎉 Your TikTok account is now connected and you're ready to start publishing content!

How To Create And Publish Video Posts To Your TikTok Profile(s)

Craft captivating content that shines on TikTok, right from the Post Editor! Unleash your creativity with videos that engage and delight your audience to drive meaningful engagement for you and your brand.

1. Navigate to the Post Editor by selecting "Create a Post", then select the desired Category.

2. Select which Social Profile(s) you want to publish your post to by clicking on the profiles' icons (you can select one or more TikTok Profiles, as well as cross-post with other social media platforms).

Note: You'll immediately notice that the TikTok tab shows up in pink. We also highlight the TikTok settings option in pink when navigating to your TikTok profile's text box.

You'll also notice helpful messages underneath the TikTok post preview on the right-hand side, in the "Preview" pane. These are all meant to indicate that you will need to take action under "TikTok Settings" as you create your TikTok post.

3. Select your preferred TikTok Settings for this post.

Note: Selecting an audience for your post from the "Who Can View This Post" dropdown is necessary to move forward with publishing your video to TikTok.

Read more about all the available settings below, under "What Are The TikTok Post Settings And What Do They Mean?" section.

4. Now you can write the caption you want to share with your post.  

Note: When creating your TikTok post, keep the following in mind:

  • The character limit for your post caption is set to 2200 characters.
  • You can type #hashtags and @mentions of TikTok usernames in your post text. Both will become actionable in the resulting post, once published.
5. Next, add media to your post. Keep in mind that for TikTok Profile posts you can only add video

Note: When creating your TikTok post, keep the following in mind:

  • The framerate for videos used needs to be between 23-60fps.
  • For best results, use videos of 1:1.95 aspect ratio, though all videos of 360px to 4096px dimensions on either side (width or height) will be allowed.
  • As usual, the video will start processing after you save the post. This means that you won't be able to "Post Now". Instead, you'll need to save the post to the Queue or as a Draft initially.

6. Select your scheduling and Evergreen settings and finish up your post. 

7. Once saved to the Queue and the video processed, you'll be able to preview your post.

Note: Depending on your video's aspect ratio, you may see black bars used for padding the video or some cropping. This aligns with TikTok's approach to videos not in the preferred aspect ratio.

What Are The TikTok Post Settings And What Do They Mean?

TikTok offers a series of settings that determine who will see your post and how they'll be able to interact with it. It also allows you to easily flag promotional content.

All these settings are available for you as you create your TikTok post in SmarterQueue. You'll find them in the text box, under "TikTok Settings", as soon as you select a TikTok profile for your post:


This setting allows you to decide who can view each individual post you create.

If your TikTok profile is public, you'll be able to choose between "Everyone", "Friends" (meaning followers that you also follow back), and "Only You".

If your TikTok profile is private, you'll be able to choose between "Followers", "Friends" (meaning followers that you also follow back, and "Only You".

The difference is that for private TikTok profiles your content will not be visible to "Everyone".

User Interactions

These setting determine what other users on TikTok are able to do with content you've published.

The interactions you need to decide on are: "Comment", "Duet", and "Stitch".

Here's what they mean:

  • Comment lets you decide if you want to allow people to comment on your videos as a way to interact and build connections with the TikTok community. If you keep "Comment" off for a video no one will be able to comment on it.
  • Duet allows another creator to post your video side-by-side with one they've created. A Duet contains two videos in a split screen that play at the same time.
  • Stitch is a creation tool that allows you to combine another video on TikTok with one you're creating. If you allow another person to Stitch with your video, they can use a part of your video as a part of their own video.

Keep in mind, you must have a public account to allow others to Duet or Stich with your videos.

Promotional Content

On TikTok, you can share content that promotes a brand, product, or service, including self-promotion or endorsing third-party brands for compensation.

If you decide to do so, it's vital that you always activate the content disclosure setting for promotional posts. This will help maintain transparency and trust with viewers, as you're clearly indicating any commercial relationships when present.

If you're promoting your own brand or business, make sure to select "Your Brand", and the video will be labeled as Promotional content.

If you're posting branded content on behalf of another business, make sure to select "Another Brand" to ensure the video is labeled as Paid partnership.

These options are available based on your content disclosure setting on your TikTok profile natively. This setting allows you to add a disclosure to your post to clearly indicate that your video content is commercial in nature. Turning it on doesn't affect the distribution of your video.

Refreshing Profile Settings

Since many of the settings above are dependent on your TikTok profile settings natively, you might have to update these in the TikTok app from time to time.

If you do so while creating a post in SmarterQueue, make sure to quickly click on "Refresh profile settings".

This will temporarily grey out the options, while we fetch the latest settings for your TikTok profile. Any existing checkboxes/selections will be reset completely, as options will be refreshed.

Common Questions

How can I see analytics for my TikTok posts?

At this time SmarterQueue is fetching TikTok "follower counts" each day. This means that reports generated for TikTok profiles will show the follower count chart.

Additional TikTok analytics are not yet available (this includes post stats), but we are working on releasing this functionality soon. If TikTok analytics are important to you, we'd love to hear it, so please, contact us and share your thoughts.