How Can I Repost My Videos?

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Reuse A Video From My Media

  • In the Post Editor or Bookmarklet, click Add Media
  • Then select My Media
  • Here, you’ll see all of the videos you’ve used before. Click the video to preview it.In the video preview, click  Add to Post. Then, you can customise your post as usual

Copy A Post From Queue Or Past Posts

  • On the left sidebar in your past posts or your Queue, filter by content type to find all of your current or future videos
  • You can use the same video for multiple posts and different social profiles, so you don’t need to re-upload the same video. Just find any post (in your Queue, or past posts) with the video. 
  • Click ... to access more options and select Duplicate
  • This will create a new post with your previous video pre-populated

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