How Can I Repost My Videos?

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Reuse A Video From My Media

  • In the Post Editor or Bookmarklet, click Add Media
  • Then select My Media
  • Here, you’ll see all of the videos you’ve used before. Click the video to preview it. In the video preview, click  Add to Post. Then, you can customise your post as usual

Copy A Post From Queue Or Past Posts

  • On the left sidebar in your past posts or your Queue, filter by content type to find all of your current or future videos
  • You can use the same video for multiple posts and different social profiles, so you don’t need to re-upload the same video. Just find any post (in your Queue, or past posts) with the video. 
  • Click ... to access more options and select Duplicate
  • This will create a new post with your previous video pre-populated

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