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What’s In My Media?

My Media contains all of the videos, GIFs and images that you have used in SmarterQueue.

This includes any media you’ve uploaded to SmarterQueue as well as any media that you have curated from third parties (both web and social) and shared from your SmarterQueue account.

Searching My Media

As well as searching by keywords within My Media, you can also quickly filter your media library:

  • By type: images, GIFs, or videos
  • By origin: uploaded from your computer, or shared from the web
  • By size: wide, tall or square
  • By date: the newest or oldest
  • By use: the most or least posted
  • By engagement: the most or least engagement

Accessing My Media In The Post Editor

While editing or adding a post, you can search your saved media. 

  • First, select Add Media.
  • In the popup that appears, select My Media.

My Media window will open:

Your full media library will appear. Using the filter on the left you can change the view to show All Media, Images, GIFs or Videos.

Accessing My Media In Find Content

On the left sidebar of the Find Content page, you can search your existing Media for post inspiration.

Selecting any of your existing media from this search will create a new post with that media.

Common Questions

Can I upload media directly to My Media?

No, you can’t upload media from your computer directly to My Media. But, you can bulk upload images to your media library.

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