How To Use My Media

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What’s In My Media?

My Media contains all of the videos, GIFs, and images that you have used in SmarterQueue and is associated with a post in your Queue or Past Posts (successfully published).

This includes any media you’ve uploaded to SmarterQueue, Canva designs that you've created or imported from, as well as any media that you have curated from third parties (both web and social) and shared from your SmarterQueue account.

How To Access My Media In The Post Editor

While editing or adding a post, you can search and add your saved media. 

1. Inside the Post Editor, click on the camera icon to 'Add Media'.

2. In the pop-up that appears, select 'My Media'.

3. The My Media window will open and from here you can view and search for all images, GIFs, and videos you've previously used in SmarterQueue.

4. Click on an individual photo, GIF, or video to preview it then select 'Add To Post' to continue building your post in the editor.

How To View My Media In Find Content

1. Using the top menu, navigate to Find Content.

2. Select 'Browse your media library' on the left sidebar to open and view your media folder.

💡 Can't think of anything to post? Try browsing your My Media folder for inspiration, you might find something worth re-sharing! 

3. Click on an individual photo, GIF, or video to preview it then select 'Add To Post' to continue building your post in the editor.

Inside your My Media folder, you can easily find relevant images by entering terms in the search bar 

You can also use the drop-down filters to quickly narrow your media library by:

  • Type: images, GIFs, or videos
  • Origin: uploaded from your computer, shared from the web or created with Canva
  • Size: wide, tall, or square
  • Date: the newest or oldest
  • Use: the most or least posted
  • Engagement: the most or least engagement

Common Questions

Can I upload media directly to My Media?

To bulk upload images to My Media, please follow the steps in this article: How To Bulk Upload Images To My Media

Note: You cannot upload media from your computer directly to My Media. 

Can I delete content from My Media? 

Currently, there isn't the option to delete past content or media, but you can read more about what content gets automatically removed in this article: How Do I Delete Media From 'My Media' Library?