How To Mention People, Pages & Hashtags

Tagging A User And Looking Up Hashtags On Instagram

  • You can type an @username to tag someone. You need to know the exact username, as Instagram does not allow searching for users.
  • You can look up hashtags by typing a # symbol followed by a few characters. You can then choose from the most popular hashtags, which are sorted by popularity.

Mentioning A Page On Facebook

  • Recently Facebook made a change to how you can mention others. You can only add tags when creating a post for a Page – you cannot add tags for posts to a personal profile or group.
  •  You can type @pageID to tag a Page. 
  • You need to know the exact page ID, which you can get from the page’s URL. If you’ve added a valid page ID, you can select it from the drop-down, which confirms that you have the correct page. This is because Facebook does not allow searching for pages.
  • You can only tag other Pages – you cannot tag personal profiles or groups.
Note: Facebook’s API restricts all third-party tools from publishing mentions from Facebook Profiles and Groups. Because of Facebook’s restrictions, you can only mention Facebook Pages from a Facebook Page. 

Mentioning An Account And Adding Hashtags On Twitter

  • You can look up a Twitter profile to mention, by typing an @ symbol followed by a few characters. You can then choose from the matching Twitter profiles.
  • You can type any #hashtag – Twitter does not offer hashtag lookups.

Mentioning Accounts On LinkedIn And Pinterest

We do not currently support mentions in LinkedIn or Pinterest.
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