How To Mention People, Pages & Hashtags

Tagging A User And Looking Up Hashtags On Instagram

You can type an @username to tag someone, but you will need to know the exact username, as Instagram does not allow searching for users. 

You can also add hashtags by typing the # symbol followed by the text for the specific topic you are interested in. 

Both the @username and hashtags will become actionable on Instagram, once the post goes through. 

If you aren't certain about the @username or hashtags you're using, you can (re)add them manually when copying the caption back in the Instagram App, before finalizing the post. 

Mentioning A Page On Facebook

Recently Facebook made a change to how you can mention others. You can only add tags when creating a post for a Page – you cannot add tags for posts to a group. 

In order to tag a Facebook Page inside the post, you'll need to type @pageID to tag a Page. This means that you'll need to know the exact page ID, which you can get from the page’s URL. 

This is because Facebook does not allow searching for pages. You can only tag other Pages – you cannot tag personal profiles or groups.

If you’ve added a valid page ID (as well as during typing it), a drop-down list will be displayed with options. You can select the page you're tagging from the drop-down, which will confirm that you have the correct one. 

Sometimes typing the page ID exactly as shown on Facebook does not display the page you are looking for. If this happens, here are some tips & tricks on adding the mention to your post: 

1. Try adding the different words in the page ID in reverse order when searching. For example, if the page URL is, this means that the Page ID is 'SmarterQueue'. Rather than searching by @SmarterQueue, try @QueueSmarter

2. Try the page name instead of the Page ID, including any spaces/punctuation (e.g. @Burger King rather than @burgerking). 

3. Make sure there are no privacy or age/location restrictions on the page. Facebook may not return pages in search results that aren't public or have age/location restrictions.

If you're tagging multiple pages, make sure to select each one from the drop-down before moving to adding/typing the next. 

Note: Facebook’s API restricts all third-party tools from publishing mentions from Facebook Profiles and Groups. Because of Facebook’s restrictions, you can only mention Facebook Pages from a Facebook Page. 

Mentioning An Account And Adding Hashtags On Twitter

You can look up a Twitter profile to mention, by typing an @ symbol followed by a few characters. You can then choose from the matching Twitter profiles.

You can type any #hashtag. While Twitter does not offer hashtag lookups, these will become actionable once the post goes through. 

If you're tagging multiple profiles, make sure to select each one from the drop-down before moving to adding/typing the next. 

Mentioning Accounts On LinkedIn And Pinterest

We do not currently support mentions in LinkedIn or Pinterest.