How To Customize Post Text For Each Social Profile

Twitter has made changes that severely limit access to their API. This affects SmarterQueue's ability to deliver Twitter functionality.

Please check your Inbox – you should have received an email from us detailing how this impacts your account. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Customer Success team!

How To Customize Your Post Text For Multiple Profiles

If you’re creating or editing a new post inside the Post Editor and have multiple Profiles selected, you’ll see some tabs above the text box:

  • Start writing your Post Text in the “Original” tab, and it will be used across all selected profiles
  • You can then click on each Profile’s tab to customize the text for that specific Profile
💡 A pencil icon will appear above any tabs that have been customised

  • If you then edit the text in the “Original” tab once again, it will update the text in all profiles except those you’ve customized (marked with a pencil icon)
  • You’ll be able to see your customized text in the Post Previews in the right-hand pane next to the Post Editor

Note: You can’t lookup @mentions or #hashtags while writing in the “Original” tab. This is because SmarterQueue won’t know on which platform to lookup any mentions you add. You'll have to edit the specific text for each profile to search for @mentions and #hashtags.