How To Add A Post

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1. Add A Post

  • Head to the navigation menu 
  • Click 'Add Content' 
  • Then click 'Add a Post'

2. Choose A Category

  • When you create a post in SmarterQueue, the first thing you need to do is choose a Category for your post.

3. Select Social Profile(s)

  • Then, select which social profile(s) you want to publish this post to.

  • All social profiles will be initially greyed out like in the picture above, this means none are selected
  • In this example below, we clicked Pinterest only, as we only want to post to Pinterest
  • You can also select 'ALL' to quickly select all social media channels
  • And, 'NONE' to deselect all social media channels

💡Most customers select multiple profiles so they can quickly schedule the same post to multiple channels!
Simply click on whichever profiles you'd like to publish the post to and the channel icon will turn a vivid colour. You'll have the option to craft different Text to each channel 😲

4. If Posting To Pinterest, Choose A Pinterest Board

On all other social channels, you can get straight down the crafting your Post Text!

  • Your Pinterest Boards will be shown on the drop-down menu
  • Click to select which Pinterest Board you'd like to post to 
  • Your selected Board will then be highlighted in green
💡Please keep in mind that you can select one Pinterest board per post. 

5. Add Post Text

Now, you can write the text you want to share on your post!

  • You can see in our example above we've added 'Enter your Post Text Here!'
  • There is a handy green character limit counter on the bottom right of the Post Editor Text Box

6. Add A Snippet, Emoji Or Text Variation (Optional)

7. Choose Media Options

  • Become one with Media 🧘♂️

6. Evergreen Settings

You can decide whether you want this post to recycle, or only post once

If you choose to recycle your post, you can set a number of times to cycle the post, or an expiry date.

7. When To Post

You have several choices for when your post will publish:

  • Add to top of Queue: Your post will go to the top of its respective Queue, to be posted in the next timeslot
  • Add to bottom of Queue: Your post will go to the bottom of its Queue, to be posted after all other content already Queued
  • Post now: Your post will be published immediately
  • Set a date and time: You can set a specific date and time for your post to publish
  • Save as draft: Your post won’t be added to your Queue but saved separately as a draft
  • Now, all you have to do it hit Save

Common Questions

Why do I need to manually enter a status for Facebook?

When sharing a post/website/article inside SmarterQueue, we automatically add the title of the article to the post body for all services except for Facebook. 

This is because Facebook has a policy that prevents all third-party scheduling tools from doing so. 

Why am I seeing when I enter a link? 

This is because we only generate the correct Bitly link after you’ve saved the post. 

You’ll see the post has a correct Bitly link once it’s in your Queue.

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