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Changes to Facebook Groups Publishing

Facebook unexpectedly decided to remove Groups API access, preventing any third-party tools, including SmarterQueue, from interacting with your Facebook Groups. After April 22nd, 2024, SmarterQueue will no longer be able to publish directly to groups you manage. You can still schedule posts for these groups, but will receive email notifications for easy manual posting instead. You may also wish to consider transitioning to a Facebook Page for better engagement.

Whether through our Desktop Site or the SmarterQueue Browser Extension, adding content to SmarterQueue just takes a few clicks!

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How To Add A Post

1. Open The Post Editor

  • Navigate to the Post Editor by selecting "Create a Post".

2. Choose A Category

  • When you create a post in SmarterQueue, the first thing you need to do is choose a Category for your post

3. Select Social Profile(s)

  • Next, select which Social Profile(s) you want to publish your post to by clicking on the Profiles' icons

  • All Social Profiles will be initially greyed out like in the picture above, this means none are selected.
  • You can select "ALL" to quickly select all social media channels or use "NONE" to deselect all social media channels.
  • In the example below, only our Facebook Page is highlighted, as we only want to post to the Facebook Page.

💡 Note: Most customers select multiple Profiles so they can quickly schedule the same post to multiple channels! Simply click on whichever profiles you'd like to cross-post to and their icons will turn a vivid color. You'll then have the option to craft different Post Text for each profile 😲  

💡 Note: If you are (also) posting to an Instagram account, you will be able to select if your Instagram Post is meant to be sent to your Feed/Reels or as a Story.

💡 Note:  Instagram Profiles marked with a lightning glyph (⚡) have "Direct Publishing Enabled" in the Profiles section, while Instagram Profiles that will publish via the notification workflow will be marked with a bell glyph (🔔), making it easy to figure things out.

💡 Note: Publishing to Instagram would vary based on the type of post you create and the type of Instagram profile you're scheduling for (Personal, Creator or Business). For more information, check out how Instagram publishing works for SmarterQueue.

💡 Note: If you're (also) posting to a Pinterest account, you'll have to also select the board you're sending your post to. For most other social channels, you can get straight down the crafting your Post Text!

  • Your Pinterest Boards will be shown on the drop-down menu
  • Click to select which Pinterest Board you'd like to post to 
  • Your selected Board will then be highlighted in green
  • Keep in mind that you can select one Pinterest board per post

💡 Note: If you're (also) posting to a TikTok profile, you'll have to also select the TikTok post "Settings" from the profile's dropdown. For most other social channels, you can get straight down the crafting your Post Text!

  • The "Settings" menu will allow you to select the audience that will see your post, how they're allowed to interact with your post, as well as if the post is promotional.
  • You can learn more about how TikTok works with SmarterQueue from our "How To Work With TikTok" article.

4. Add Post Text

Now, you can write the text you want to share in your post.

  • We recommend customizing the text for each Social Profile you chose in step 3.
  • Use the "Original" tab in the Text Editor to write your caption, then each individual social profile's tab to customize! 
  • In the example below, we've added #morningmotivation only to our Twitter post.

  • There is a handy green character limit counter on the bottom right of the Post Editor Text Box to help you ensure your content stays within each social platform's character limits 

  • You can also easily generate amazing captions for your social media posts with the help of our AI Caption Writer, capable of generating up to 20 text variations at the same time to keep your recycled posts fresh for months.

💡 Note: If you are (also) posting to a Pinterest board, then you'll have the option to add a Title for your Pin. Simply enter the title and see the post preview update on the right-hand side: 

  • You can also add links to your posts by pasting them into the text box. 
  • If you've connected a Bitly account, you'll see a placeholder show up in the post preview (a Bitly link will be generated as soon as you save your post to the Queue).
  • Keep in mind that links won't be clickable in your posts once published on Instagram or TikTok, due to how these platforms work with links (even if published natively).

💡 Note: If you are (also) posting to a Google Business Profile, you'll also see the option to add a Google Button, to assign your link a call to action:

💡 Note: Once you've selected a button, you can remove the link from the post text, should you want to (for Google Profiles). If not, you'll be able to see both the button and the link in the final post, and the link will be actionable.

💡 Note: If you select a Google Button but you haven't added a link to your post yet, you'll see a pop-up asking you to add the link.

5. Add A Snippet, Emoji, Or Text Variation (Optional)

6. Add Media To Your Post

💡 Note: You will be able to add multiple images to create a multi-image post or vary your media so that one image is used each time your post is published! Check out What Are Variations? How To Vary Images & Text For Evergreen Posts for more information.

7. Select Your Post Timing Settings

You have several choices for when your post will publish:

  • "Post now": Your post will be published immediately
  • "Add to Queue": You will choose to send the post to the top or bottom of the Queue, to be published in the next timeslot (top of Queue) or after all other content already Queued (bottom of Queue)
  • "Schedule": You can set one or more specific dates and times for your post to publish
  • "Recurring": You can set an initial date and time for the post, as well as a specific interval for the post to continuously repeat

Learn more about How Does SmarterQueue Publish Your Content? and How To Schedule Your Content Using SmarterQueue 📅

💡 Note: You can also select to save the post as a Draft at any time by jumping to the "Save Draft" button at the bottom of the Post Editor. 

8. Choose Your Evergreen Settings

You can decide whether you want this post to recycle, or only post based on your Post Timing settings. 

If you choose to recycle your post, you can set a number of times to cycle the post and/or expiry date.

💡 Note: Evergreen recycling is not available for Recurring posts, as these will be published in perpetuity, but you will still be able to set a number of times to publish the post and/or expiry date.

Common Question

Why do I need to manually enter a status for Facebook?

When sharing a post/website/article inside SmarterQueue, we automatically add the title of the article to the post body for all services except Facebook.

This is because Facebook has a policy preventing all third-party publishing tools from doing so.

Why am I seeing a Bitly placeholder when I enter a link?

This is because the shortened bit.ly link is not generated until you save your post.

How will my Facebook Group post publish now that the API has been deprecated?

Meta has deprecated the Facebook Groups API in April 2024. Due to this, third-party tools can no longer directly publish posts to Facebook Groups that you manage.

We introduced an initial workaround that allows you to keep using SmarterQueue to deal with the time-consuming part of scheduling your Facebook Group posts - adding media and captions, and scheduling all your post times.

From now on, you'll receive a notification email containing your post content, allowing you to save any media to your device, and copy the caption to your clipboard, ready to create a post for your Facebook Group. Learn more about using email notifications for easy manual posting.