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🚨Please ensure your address is 100% up to date before emailing for discount application. To update your address: Click on the cog icon (top right), My Account > Business Details 🚨

Schools & Universities

We are excited to offer a 50% discount to government-recognised educational institutions.

All you would need to do is email us a document from the government that proves your status as government-recognised.

Teachers & Students


We are happy to offer a 50% discount for full-time students of government-recognised post-secondary institutions. 

Just email us a copy of your student ID or registration, together with when you plan to graduate and we’ll apply the discount to your subscription as long as you remain a student. 


We’ll need to see proof of your teaching status at a government-recognised education institution. Email us proof of your teaching status.

Charities & Non-Profits

For charities and non-profits, we are happy to offer a 50% discount on your subscription price. 

Please email us a copy of your official non-profit documentation as evidence of your company’s non-profit or tax-free status, and we will apply the discount to your subscription.

💡Customers with 50%+ non-profit connected social accounts are entitled to the full 50% discount. If your connected profiles represent less than 50% of your connected profiles, you will not qualify for non-profit discount. 

Military Discounts

We do not offer Military Discounts.

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