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Number Of Social Profiles

The larger the plan, the more social profiles you can connect: Solo (4), Business (10) and Agency (25). Here’s an example of how we calculate profiles: If you had 1 Facebook Profile, 2 Facebook Pages, 1 Facebook Group, and 2 Twitter profiles, that would add up to 6 social profiles.

(Bitly accounts don’t count towards this limit. You don’t need to add your Facebook Profile as a profile if you only plan to post to your Facebook page or group.)

Note: If you need to connect more than 25 social profiles, please get in touch with us.

Daily Posts

Each social profile has its own separate limit for daily posts. So if you’re on a plan with 10 daily posts per social profile, and you use Facebook and Twitter, you can post up to 10 times per day on your Facebook profile  AND 10 times per day on your Twitter profile AND 10 times per day on each of your Facebook pages.


Larger plans let you have more categories to organize your queue and schedule.

Queued Posts

Larger plans let you have more posts stored in your queue/library.

This includes draft posts and trashed posts that have not yet been deleted.

Each evergreen post only counts as one post, even though it can be recycled multiple times.

If you create a post to be shared across 3 social profiles, they will be saved as separate posts and will count as 3 posts towards your limit.


The Find Content page lets you discover content from many social networks and import it right into your queue. There are three levels of our Importer available – all levels allow you to search for and import posts from the following sources:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups that you manage
  • Instagram Users
  • Instagram Hashtags
  • Instagram posts you’ve liked
  • Twitter profiles
  • Twitter search
  • Twitter lists
  • Twitter home feed
  • Blog/RSS feeds

Basic Importer includes the following features:

  • View imported search results by date, and paginate to see older results
  • Import one post at a time
  • Store up to 30 saved searches for quick access

Intermediate Importer provides these additional features:

  • Bulk import up to 200 posts at a time, from RSS feeds or social media
  • Bulk import from a CSV spreadsheet (up to 200 posts at a time)
  • Store up to 100 saved searches for quick access

Advanced Importer provides these additional features:

  • Import and store RSS feeds from your Feedly bookmarks
  • Filter social media or RSS search results for specific keywords or content types (see image below)
  • Sort social media search results to see posts with the most likes, comments, or shares. This automatically looks back through the latest hundreds of posts to surface the best content for you (see image below)
  • Store an unlimited number of saved searches for quick access

RSS Auto-Importers

RSS Auto-Importers are a newer feature where you can enter in RSS feeds and save them as a source. We will then import new posts as they update and add them to your Queue.


There are three levels of analytics available:

Basic Analytics includes the following features:

  • View likes, comments, shares, and click counts for each post
  • Sort past posts by likes, comments, shares, clicks, and more
  • View reports for the last month of posts
  • Analyze any of your connected Twitter profiles

Intermediate Analytics provides this additional feature:

  • Add Google Campaigns (UTM) tracking parameters to links

Advanced Analytics provides these additional features:

  • View reports for any period
  • Analyze anyone’s Twitter profile

Custom Plans

This is where we really get excited! We are able to offer you custom options to build the plan you want. Need more queued Posts but only 4 Social Profiles for example? You can make those changes by following the steps to create a Custom Plan, with the Features you need.

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