📹 How To Post To Instagram

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How To Create Your Instagram Post In SmarterQueue

1. Click 'Create a Post' to open the Post Editor

2. Next, choose a Category 

Note: Be sure to select a Category you've enabled for your Instagram Profile!

3. Then select the Instagram Profile you'd like to create a post for

Note: You will notice a new option come up in the 'Post Editor' when an Instagram profile is selected - the 'Instagram Post Type'. 

This allows you to decide if the Post is meant to be published to your Instagram Feed, or as a Story. 

Selecting the 'Story' option will update the Preview on the right-hand side to show your future Post in the Story format. 

Check more information here on How To Schedule & Post Instagram Stories.

4. Write your caption and add your media

Note: The caption has a 2200 character limit, with up to 30 hashtags and 20 mentions. 

Note: You can schedule several different types of posts to Instagram including single-image posts, multi-image carousel posts, and videos! Check out these articles for more information on scheduling carousel and video posts for Personal Instagram Profiles

5. Then save your Post to your Queue

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How To Post To Instagram

Video Walkthrough

Step By Step Instructions

  • Please make sure you’re logged into the correct Instagram profile on the Instagram App
  • Then open the notification on your smartphone 💪 
  • You'll see a preview of your post with the image and caption, tap 'Post To Instagram' to continue: 

  • You'll be redirected to the Instagram App and see your image automatically open. Select whether you’d like to post to your Feed or Story. In this example, let's post to the Feed. 
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  • Crop your image accordingly then tap 'Next' in the upper right-hand corner
  • Note: If you've scheduled a carousel post, then click the carousel icon in the bottom right of your photo, then select the remainder of your images.

  • Apply any edits or filters to your image, then tap 'Next' in the upper right-hand corner once again

  • Your caption is already copied to your clipboard so simply long tap into the caption field of Instagram, select paste and your caption will appear! 

  • If you’d like, add a location or any other information to your post

  • Once you're happy with your post, tap ‘Share’ in the upper right-hand corner and it will load to Instagram

  • Congratulations, your finished post is now live on Instagram! 

💡 If you miss a reminder, the SmarterQueue Mobile App will show all past notifications so you can publish anything you missed just as easily! Simply tap on the post you missed inside the SmarterQueue Mobile App and follow the steps above to post to Instagram. 

💡 You can mark posts that have already gone out "Done" and remove them from your list! Simply swipe left on the post preview to clear it from your view 😊

How To Switch Between Instagram Profiles On The SmarterQueue Mobile App

You can post to multiple Instagram profiles using the SmarterQueue Mobile App. Please follow the steps below to switch between Profiles: 

  • Open the SmarterQueue Mobile App on your smartphone
  • Tap your Instagram handle at the top of your screen to view all other available Instagram accounts 

  • Select the Profile you'd like to switch to using the drop-down menu

  • Tap on the name of the profile you'd like to switch to and you'll see the past posts and notifications on your screen! 

💡When a post notification is delivered, the SmarterQueue Mobile App does not automatically connect to the correct Instagram profile. You also need to switch profiles on the Instagram app. To do this, open the Instagram app and go to your profile. Tap your username at the top of the screen, then tap the profile you’d like to switch to.

How To Set Up Email Notifications For Instagram 

If you'd like to receive email notifications in addition to push notifications when it's time to post to Instagram, you can configure this within your SmarterQueue account Settings. 

When these emails are turned on, you’ll get an email at the time your post is scheduled in your Posting Plan. The email will include your photo and Post Text for you to copy to Instagram.

  • Navigate to your account Settings using the cog menu then select 'Email Preferences'

  • Scroll down and under 'Send me an email notification when: An Instagram Post Is Ready To Be Posted', choose 'Yes' 

Common Questions

I can't post to Instagram, I'm getting an error that "Something went wrong, please try again later".

If you're receiving this error when trying to post to Instagram from an iOS device, then please follow these steps: 
On your iPhone, go into Settings > Privacy > Photos > Instagram - and make sure this is set to "All Photos"
Do the same for the SmarterQueue Mobile App via Settings > Privacy > Photos > SmarterQueue
If these privacy options aren't available, you may need to re-install the apps, and when you try sharing a post with SmarterQueue, be sure to grant access to All Photos. The same goes for Instagram - the first time you try to create a post, be sure to grant access to All Photos.

Can I post multi-image posts and videos to Instagram?

Yes! Please check out this guide on how to post video & carousel posts.  

When posting to Instagram, I received an error message: "Something went wrong. Please try again later." 
If you receive this error message, please delete and re-install the Instagram App from your mobile device. For more information please see this article on Error Posting To Instagram

I post my hashtags in the first comment of my Instagram posts but my SmarterQueue analytics show that I don't use hashtags! 

SmarterQueue will only show analytics for hashtags you include in the Post Text of your content. All hashtags included in the first comment of your post will not be considered. To get the most out of SmarterQueue's analytics features please add your hashtags to your Post Text! To hide your hashtags from the rest of your caption, we recommend adding 5 line breaks with dots in order to make them less visible.