How To Connect The SmarterQueue Mobile App To Your Account

Publishing to Instagram works differently depending on the type of Instagram Profile (Personal, Media Creator, or Business), as well as the type of post (single-image, carousel, Story, video, etc.).

For some of these posts, you will need to download the SmarterQueue Mobile App, available for iOS and Android devices (find out which posts by checking out how Instagram publishing works with SmarterQueue).

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Logging Into Your Mobile App

The latest version of the mobile app requires your SmarterQueue registered email and password to log in. 

If you didn't set a password, don't worry, you can do so easily. Here's our Support Article that will have you back up and running quickly:

If you did have a password but you've forgotten it, that's easily reset too:

iOS Devices

iOS devices require you to manually enable notifications, so you must complete the following steps during installation:

  • Swipe through the tutorial screens until you get to the final screen, there you will be asked to 'Enable Notifications'
  • Click the 'Enable Notifications' button, and then click 'Yes' when asked if you want to enable notifications
The App will return to the default screen. If you have no posts ready to publish, you will be informed that you need to add posts to your Queue.
If you have Instagram posts that are waiting to be published, you will see them in a list.
Once the Mobile App is connected to your account, you will receive a push notification whenever it is time to publish one of your posts to Instagram.
Read more detail here about How to Post to Instagram.

Android Devices

Once you install the SmarterQueue Mobile App to your Android device, you should automatically have notifications enabled so you will not need to take any further action.


In iOS be certain to swipe through the tutorials screens until you reach the final screen, which should contain the 'Enable Notifications' option.

If you have definitely clicked 'Enable Notifications' in the iOS app, but your SmarterQueue dashboard still tells you that you need to connect the app:
  1. Try force-quitting the mobile app in iOS, and opening it again
  2. Then visit 'Profiles' in the SmarterQueue web browser and see if it works
If you're still unable to connect the SmarterQueue app:
  1. Uninstall the app from your mobile
  2. Then, re-install it (enable notifications)
  3. Then login to the SmarterQueue mobile app with your email and password
  4. Check your iOS Notifications settings to make sure that notifications are enabled for the SmarterQueue mobile app
If you are experiencing problems with the Android version:
  1.  Uninstall and reinstall the SmarterQueue app
  2. Some Android phones have battery optimization switched on in settings and this can interfere with push notifications, try turning it off
  3. If after this you still have issues please contact our Customer Success Team