How Do I Publish The Same Post Every Week?

Twitter has made changes that severely limit access to their API. While we continue to provide Twitter publishing capabilities, please note that access levels may vary for different users. We encourage you to refer to our Help Center articles for general guidance and to reach out to our support team for any questions about your specific access and limitations.

Many SmarterQueue customers want to schedule a post that automatically recurs at the same time every week.

If you're looking to start your week on Monday by checking in with your audience and asking what their plans for the week are, or you have a weekly event that you need to promote, then you can easily automate this with SmarterQueue! πŸ’ͺ

To post the same post at the exact same time every week...

1. Click on ' Create a Post

2. Select a Category, the Social Profile(s) you want to publish to, and add your text and media. 

3. Scroll down to "Post Timing"  and select " Recurring" to have the post repeat.

4. Next, select the day and time when you want the post to be published

5. Then select how often the post should be published moving forward.

In this case, we've created a post that will go out every Monday at 9 AM, as a Monday greeting for our audience.

6. Recurring posts will be published in perpetuity. Should you want the post to expire at some point, you will be able to select this under "Should This Post Expire?"

You can have the post expire after being published a specific number of times or after a certain date. Keep in mind that the expiry date can’t be before the initial Post date.

Well done! Now your post is going to publish every week  πŸ₯³

Note: Evergreen Recycling options are not available for recurring posts, as they already repeat based on their settings. 

πŸ’‘  Twitter doesn't allow duplicate or substantially similar posts to be sent within the same profile, or to multiple Twitter profiles within one SmarterQueue account. As such, your scheduled post will be published as original once, and then  we will retweet it on the following times & dates, instead of sending out a new Tweet. You can read more about Twitter duplicate tweet rules here.