How To Manage Your Posting Plan & Timeslots

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Filter Your Posting Plan To See Specific Timeslots

On the Posting Plan page, you can filter the view to see just your Timeslots for any particular subset of your Profiles.

Click on any Profile to see just the Timeslots for that Profile.

💡You can combine Posting Plan filters to include any number of your Profiles

Add A Timeslot To Your Posting Plan

  • To add a Timeslot, use the widget on the left-hand side of the Posting Plan
  • Choose the Category you want to post and which social profiles should post
  • Then, drag the widget onto the Posting Plan at the day and time you want that Category to publish

You may also clone an existing Timeslot!

On an existing Timeslot, click '...' to show more options. Then, choose Clone Timeslot.

Edit A Timeslot

There are two ways to edit your Timeslots: Manual or Drag-and-Drop. 


  • Click '...' on any existing Timeslot to show more options
  • Then, choose 'Edit Timeslot'
  • From here, you can edit the time, day, Category, and social profiles associated with any Timeslot

To Drag And Drop

  • Hover your mouse over any existing Timeslot
  • You’ll see your cursor change to a ‘cross’ icon, meaning you can click to drag and drop this Timeslot
  • Click and hold to move it to where you’d like it to be, then release your mouse to drop it there.

Delete A Timeslot

  • Click '...' on any existing Timeslot to show more options
  • Then, choose 'Delete Timeslot'
  • You’ll be prompted to confirm that you do want to delete that Timeslot

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