📹 How To Set Up & Manage Your Posting Plan & Timeslots

Changes to Facebook Groups Publishing

Facebook unexpectedly decided to remove Groups API access, preventing any third-party tools, including SmarterQueue, from interacting with your Facebook Groups. After April 22nd, 2024, SmarterQueue will no longer be able to publish directly to groups you manage. You can still schedule posts for these groups, but will receive email notifications for easy manual posting instead. You may also wish to consider transitioning to a Facebook Page for better engagement.

Your Posting Plan, together with your Categories and Timeslots, tells SmarterQueue what type of content to post, and when so scheduling your content becomes effortless and automated!

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What Is The Posting Plan?

Your Posting Plan is a simple, visual timetable of what type of content will post, to which Profile, and when. The powerful Posting Plan takes less than 10 minutes to set up, and once complete, automatically posts your content for you. As well as giving you valuable time back, the Posting Plan also ensures...

  1. Your content mix is balanced, which will keep your audience engaged and increase your sales.
  2. Your social content is highly strategic, so you can hit your specific social goals quicker
  3. You stay consistent across your Social Profiles, so you can grow your audience and make influencing effortless

What Is A Timeslot?

A Timeslot is a date and time combination you're assigning within your Posting Plan for sending out content to your Social Profiles. 

If your Posting Plan is a visual timetable, a Timeslot is a moment within that timetable, for which content from your Queue will be scheduled to post. And, to make sure that you're also posting the right content at the right moment, setting up a Timeslot will allow you to choose a Category and the Social Profiles you are scheduling for.

In the screenshot below, there is 1 Timeslot on the Posting Plan for the Social Media Tips and Tricks Category 😊  

How To Set Up And Add Timeslots To Your Posting Plan

🎥 skip to 00:23 for a video walkthrough!

  • Navigate to the Posting Plan using the top menu in your SmarterQueue dashboard 

  • To add a Timeslot, use the widget on the left-hand side of the Posting Plan. Choose the Category and Social Profiles you'd like to post to 

  • Then, drag the widget onto the Posting Plan at the day and time you want that Category to publish

  • You can also add a Timeslot by clicking on the weekly schedule and choosing "Save"

💡To quickly create numerous Timeslots, click "..." on an existing Timeslot to show more options. Then, choose  Clone Timeslot to stamp Timeslots onto the Posting Plan 

For more information on how the Posting Plan is used to automate scheduling, check out How Does SmarterQueue Publish Your Content?

How To Edit A Timeslot

🎥 skip to 1:07 for a video walkthrough!

  • Click "..." on any existing Timeslot to show more options
  • Then, choose "Edit Timeslot"
  • From here, you can edit the time, day, Category, and Social Profiles associated with the Timeslot
  • Click "Save"

  • To change the day/time of a Timeslot, hover with your mouse over the Timeslot 
  • You’ll see your cursor change to a "cross" icon, meaning you can click to drag and drop this Timeslot
  • Click and hold to move the Timieslot to where you’d like it to be, then release your mouse to drop it to the new time

How To Delete A Timeslot

🎥 skip to 1:16 for a video walkthrough! Click "..." on any existing Timeslot to show more options

  • Then, choose "Delete Timeslot"
  • You’ll be prompted to confirm that you do want to delete that Timeslot

How To Bulk Delete Timeslots

🎥 skip to 2:17 for a video walkthrough!

To delete multiple Timeslots at once, click the red "Delete Visible Timeslots" button. This is not reversible and will delete all Timeslots that are shown on your Posting Plan.

💡Tip: If you filter your Posting Plan first, then you can delete only the Timeslots for specific Social Profiles and/or Categories, rather than all existing Timeslots