How To Manage Your Timeslots

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Filter Your Posting Plan

On the Posting Plan page, you can filter the view to see just your Timeslots for a certain subset of your Profiles. 

Click on any Profile to see just the Timeslots for that Profile.

💡You can combine Posting Plan filters to include any number of your Profiles

Add A Timeslot To Your Posting Plan

  • To add a Timeslot, use the widget on the left-hand side of the Posting Plan
  • Choose the Category you want to post and which social profiles should post
  • Then, drag the widget onto the Posting Plan at the day and time you want that Category to publish

You can also clone an existing Timeslot!

On an existing Timeslot, click ' ...' to show more options. Then, choose Clone Timeslot.

Edit A Timeslot

There are two ways to edit your Timeslots: Manual or Drag-and-Drop. 


  • Click ... on any existing Timeslot to show more options
  • Then, choose Edit Timeslot
  • From here, you can edit the time, day, Category, and social profiles associated with any Timeslot

To drag and drop

  • Hover your mouse over any existing Timeslot
  • You’ll see your cursor change to a ‘cross’ icon, meaning you can click to drag and drop this Timeslot
  • Click and hold to move it to where you’d like it to be, then release your mouse to drop it there

Delete a timeslot

  • Click ' ...' on any existing Timeslot to show more options
  • Then, choose Delete Timeslot
  • You’ll be prompted to confirm that you do want to delete that Timeslot

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