How Do I Add A Post To The Bottom Of My Queue?

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How To Add A Post To The Bottom Of Your Queue Inside The Post Editor

When you add a new post, you can choose whether to;

Follow these easy steps to save your post to the bottom of your Queue. This means that the post will be scheduled as the last post in your lineup inside of the Queue for the given Social Profile and Category.  

1. Compose your post in the Post Editor

2. On the left-hand pane, scroll to Post Timing and select 'Add to Queue', then use the drop-down menu to select 'Add to bottom of Queue'. 🎉 

Moving A Post To The Bottom Of Your Queue

If you have already added a post to your Queue and you want to move it to the bottom of your Queue;

1. Navigate to your Queue

 2. Locate the post you'd like to move to the bottom of your Queue and click '...' to see more actions

3. In the menu that appears, choose 'Move to bottom'

4. That post will now be moved to the bottom of the Queue of its assigned Category ✨ 

How To Set A Default Queue Position

If when creating posts you'd like to set a default for where they'll be added, you can do so within the Settings of your SmarterQueue account!  

1. Navigate to your Settings page from the cog menu in the top right of your dashboard

2. Under 'add new posts', choose where you would like to add your new posts and bulk imported posts by default: