How To Save A Post As A Draft

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Add A Post To Your Drafts

In the Post Editor, you can create the post you want to save and then click on Save Draft at the bottom. 

If you are looking to add multiple Drafts, you can always check the option at the bottom to Add Another (right next to the 'Save Draft' button). 

This is going to keep you on the same page, ready to start working on another post, rather than take you back to the Queue. 

Where To Find Your Drafts

You can find your drafts at the top left-hand of the Queue screen.

💡 Draft posts count towards your Queue limit

Edit A Queued Post

If you want to edit a Queued post and move it to the Drafts section, simply select the Edit Post option (the 'pencil' icon): 

And edit when you want to publish the post.