Facebook Error: Error Validating Access Token

This error message is related to the security process which Facebook implements when you access its platform. The digital token is what allows SmarterQueue to post on your behalf.

If any of the validation steps that Facebook takes are not complete, invalid, or expired, you will receive the error message. This can happen if you've been logged out on your computer, or if you have two-factor authentication turned on and have not re-authenticated on your device, or if you've recently cleared cache/cookies on your computer and had to re-login to Facebook, or changed your Facebook password

To Resolve

  • Open a separate tab in your browser
  • Ensure you are logged into the Facebook profile that you use for your SmarterQueue account
  • Then, go to SmarterQueue and click the drop-down arrow on the profile you are having trouble with
  • Click on "Re-Connect Profile" 

  • This should resolve the error 💪