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Why Do I Need To Re-Authorize Permissions?

You may need to re-authorize your SmarterQueue permissions if you're experiencing any of the following issues: 

  • SmarterQueue isn’t displaying your Facebook Group or Page when trying to connect a Profile
  • SmarterQueue isn't displaying your Instagram Profile when trying to connect a Profile
  • SmarterQueue isn't displaying your Facebook Page when trying to add it to Inbox
  • Your Facebook posts are not being published
  • Your Facebook Page/Group keeps getting disconnected

Why is the re-authorization required? 

  • You may have inadvertently removed permission that SmarterQueue requires while editing other permissions on Facebook
  • You may have provided granular permissions when connecting a Facebook Page/Group to SmarterQueue, which might now be causing publishing issues with previously connected Facebook Pages/Groups or Instagram profiles
  • You may have provided granular permissions when re-connecting a Facebook Page/Group or an Instagram account to SmarterQueue and now you're not seeing other Facebook Pages/Groups and Instagram accounts come up when trying to add them
  • You may have provided granular permissions when re-connecting a Facebook Page/Group or an Instagram account to SmarterQueue and now your posts are failing as SmarterQueue does not have access to the remaining Facebook Pages/Groups, or Instagram accounts
  • If you recently added a new Page or Group to your Facebook Profile, you may need to re-authorize permissions so that your new Page has the same SmarterQueue permissions as the Pages that already exist
  • Facebook sometimes invalidates your permissions token for security reasons (e.g. if you change your Facebook password), so you will have to re-connect SmarterQueue to get a new permission token

How To Re-Authorize Your Facebook Permissions

To re-authorize your Facebook Permissions, you need to access Business Integrations (also by following the steps below). 

1. On the Facebook website, Navigate to "Settings & privacy".

2. Then continue to "Settings" > " Business Integrations".

Note: We've noticed that for some Facebook accounts Business Integrations doesn't come up here. If you find yourself in the same situation, click on "Security and login" first:

You'll be able to find Business Integrations here instead:

3. Once you've reached Business Integrations, find the SmarterQueue App and click on the Remove button.

Note: If you don't see the SmarterQueue App here, you may find it in "Apps and websites".

This will be the case if you've only ever connected a Facebook Group, and not a Facebook Page or Instagram Profile.

4. After clicking "Remove", you'll see a pop-up asking if you'd also like to “delete all posts, photos, and videos on Facebook that SmarterQueue may have posted on your behalf." It is very important to  leave this unchecked unless you really do want to delete any posts that have been published to Facebook via SmarterQueue.

Once you've read and understood the pop-up, click "Remove".

5. You'll see a final confirmation pop-up stating that SmarterQueue has been removed. Click "Done".

6. Navigate back to the SmarterQueue website inside your browser and go to the Profiles page.

7. You'll notice that some of your Facebook Page(s)/Group(s) or Instagram Profiles are disconnected and currently visible under the "Disconnected Profiles" section. You'll need to reconnect them by clicking on the "Re-Connect" button next to each Page/Group/Profile.

Note: If the Page/Group/Profile isn't showing as disconnected yet (as sometimes SmarterQueue won't realize permissions have been removed until it attempts to publish to the  Page/Group/Profile) simply click on the vertical three-dot button next to it and select "Re-connect profile".

8. You’ll be redirected back to the Facebook website and will see a dialogue box pop up where you can then click to " Continue as" your Facebook Profile.

Important Note: This pop-up is to confirm that you're logged in as the right user! Rest assured, this does not give SmarterQueue permission to manage your Personal Facebook Profile in any way.  

9. In the next dialogue box, you’ll be asked to choose the Facebook pages you want to give SmarterQueue permission to connect with. Make sure to "Select all", to avoid common permission issues with Facebook's API.

If you're reconnecting a Facebook Group, you'll be asked to simply "Continue". While there's an option to "Choose what you allow", we strongly recommend that you don't make any changes to the permissions you're granting and just click on "Continue"

Note: This is simply an authorization step inside Facebook. You'll be able to choose which Pages and Groups to connect to SmarterQueue later. 

We strongly recommend you grant permission to all of your Social Profiles in the first dialogue box shown above, rather than granting granular permissions. This will ensure you avoid r unning into publishing errors that can come up due to one of the many permissions bugs in Facebook's API. It will also make it easier to add any of your other  Pages and Groups to your SmarterQueue account in the future.

10. After granting permissions for Facebook Pages (by checking "Select all"), you will be asked what level of access SmarterQueue should have for Facebook Pages (for Groups this was included in the "Choose what you allow", again, ensure you checkmark everything, otherwise, you will not be able to create and publish posts via SmarterQueue to your Social Profiles.

Click "Done" to continue (for Facebook Pages), or Re-connect (for Facebook Groups).

You’ll see a list of all of the Facebook Groups available to connect to your account:

And then click OK to finalize the process, or Re-Connect for Facebook Groups (and you'll have successfully reconnected your Facebook Groups).

11. Once you’re redirected back to SmarterQueue, you’ll then see a list of all of the Facebook Pages available to connect to your account:

12. Choose which Facebook Page(s) you want to re-connect by checking the relevant box and then selecting ‘"Re-Connect".

Great job! You successfully re-authorized your SmarterQueue permissions with Facebook and re-connected your Profiles. You can now re-Queue any failed posts from before and get publishing 🎉

Why You Need To Re-Authorize All Facebook Permission Types

If you remove the SmarterQueue app from your Facebook settings, you will need to reconnect all 3 types of Facebook Graph API permissions:

  • Facebook Pages: as shown in the steps above, make sure to "Select all" and grant the full Facebook Page permissions to ensure everything runs smoothly with SmarterQueue. 
  • Facebook Groups: as shown above, make sure to grant full Facebook Group permissions - we recommend you don't edit any granular settings under "Choose what to allow", as that is the safest method to avoid any error using SmarterQueue. 
  • Direct Publishing for Instagram: you will need to grant permission for both your Instagram Business profiles, as well as the Facebook pages they are connected to, in order for Direct Publishing to work. Detailed steps are available here.

Why You Need To Be An Admin On Your Facebook Page/Group In Order To Connect It To SmarterQueue

In order to re-authorize a Facebook Page, your personal Facebook Profile must be a “Page Admin” for that specific Page. Users with other roles like Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, or Analyst cannot re-authorize the connection between the Facebook Page and SmarterQueue. Please see these detailed articles from the Facebook Help Center for more information:

Please note that when trying to add your Facebook Page or Group to SmarterQueue, you'll need to accept several levels of permissions. While it may look like you’re connecting and giving permission to SmarterQueue to post to your personal Facebook Profile, this is not the case!  SmarterQueue does not have permission to manage or post to your Personal Facebook Profile in any way.  

This is simply how Facebook allows third-party apps and all social media tools to connect with your Page or Group – you must first connect your Profile  then give permission to post to your Pages/Groups.