How Do I Re-Authorise My Facebook Permissions?

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Why Is Re-Authorisation Required?

Common problems that are usually caused by permissions errors include:

  • SmarterQueue isn’t displaying your Facebook group or page
  • Your Facebook posts are not being published
  • Your personal profile posts aren’t visible to your intended audience
  • Your Facebook profile/page/group keeps getting disconnected.

Often this is caused by editing permissions in Facebook and inadvertently removing a permission that SmarterQueue requires.

Or, this may be triggered by adding a new page or group to your Facebook profile. If a new page or group has been added, you’ll need to re-authorise so that your new page has the same permissions as the pages that already exist.

Finally, Facebook sometimes invalidates your permissions token for security reasons (e.g. if you change your Facebook password), so you will have to re-connect SmarterQueue to get a new permission token.

How To Re-Authorise Your Facebook Permissions

  1. Go to the Business Integrations page on Facebook.
  2. Find the SmarterQueue app, use the check-box to select it, then click Remove.
  3. After clicking remove, you will see a pop up asking if you want to “Delete all your SmarterQueue activities including posts, photos and videos on Facebook.” It is very important to leave this unchecked unless you really do want to delete any posts that have been published to Facebook via SmarterQueue.
  4. Go to the Profiles page on SmarterQueue.
  5. Click the down arrow on the Facebook Page or Group and select “Re-connect profile” from the drop-down menu. IMPORTANT: Be sure to accept ALL Facebook permissions during the connection process. If you try changing permissions or limiting which groups/pages are available, you may keep having permissions issues.
💡It may not be sufficient to just hit “Re-connect profile” within SmarterQueue, as Facebook won’t ask you to add the missing permissions. You will need to follow all the numbered steps above to start the permissions flow from scratch, and ensure that all permissions are granted for all of your profiles.

The second permission that Facebook will request is to publish to your personal profile, and who will be able to see these posts. You must grant this permission, even if you’re only connecting a Page, and not your personal profile. If you want your personal profile posts to be visible to a selected audience (e.g. Public, or Friends-only), make sure to edit the setting. You can edit this “post audience” setting later, from Facebook’s Business Integrations page.

Now you should be all set to start posting again. You can now re-Queue any failed posts from before.

A Note On Facebook Page Roles

Note: In order to re-authorize a Facebook Page, your personal Facebook profile must be a “Page Admin” for that specific page. Users with other roles like Editor, Moderator, Advertiser or Analyst cannot reauthorise the connection between the Facebook Page and SmarterQueue. Here are some more answers you might want to see:

Also, many people are confused by Facebook’s permissions screens, when trying to add their Page or Group. It looks like you’re connecting your personal profile, and giving permission to post to your profile.

Unfortunately, this is the only way Facebook lets you connect your Page or Group – you have to connect your profile first and give permission to post to your profile. This will be the same for all social media tools.

We will never post to your profile unless you specifically choose to add your personal Facebook profile to SmarterQueue – however, if you want additional peace of mind, when Facebook asks who will be able to see your posts to your profile, you can select “Only Me” from their options. Again, we won’t post to your profile if you’re just connecting your page.

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