How Do I Reconnect Or Refresh My Social Profiles?

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When Reconnecting Is Required

You should reconnect your profile if:

  • You have updated the name or icon for a social network
  • You have changed your password
  • You have had a post fail because your profile needs to be reconnected

How To Reconnect Your Profile(s)

Navigate to the Profiles page. Click the down-arrow for the account you want to refresh. Then select Re-connect Profile. This will prompt you to sign into your social profile and will refresh the name and icon of the profile in SmarterQueue.

Your social profiles may become disconnected for other reasons as well. If we detect that happened, we will also show a “reconnect” icon by that profile on the Profiles page.

Common Questions

Why do I have to reconnect LinkedIn so often?
LinkedIn only grants us permission to post to your account for 60 days at a time. We try to automatically re-connect your LinkedIn account, but we may not be able to if you are no longer signed into LinkedIn. If we cannot automatically reconnect your Linkedin account, we will send you an email when your LinkedIn account needs to be refreshed. You will also see a “reconnect” icon by your LinkedIn account on the Profiles page when it needs to be reconnected. If you don’t re-connect your social profile, we won’t be able to publish your posts to your profile or page.
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