What Are RSS Auto-Importers & How Do I Set Them Up?

Importing your content from RSS feeds just got more fun with RSS Auto Importer 😝

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What Does It Mean To RSS Auto-Import?

The RSS Importer feature allows you to automatically schedule and publish blog posts from your favorite blogs.

You can choose to import a single post or in bulk. 

πŸ’«For example, if you're a Real Estate Agent and you wanted to add more value to your followers, you can set up the RSS Auto-Importer for an interior design blog that showcases beautiful homes similar to those you are selling. 

You can set the RSS Auto-Importer to publish content, with a customizable call to action, on a time and day you think would close the deal, or generate the greatest interest to book a viewing with you. You can also add keywords, for example, 'Town House', which will only automatically Queue blog articles which mention Town House πŸ’ͺall without lifting a finger!

Note: If a new post is published on a blog it's expected that the post won't publish to your Social Profiles immediately. SmarterQueue will automatically check your RSS Feeds once every 10 minutes and will import any new posts that are found. 

How the magic works... 

  • Set up your RSS Auto-Imports quickly and easily (steps below)
  • Each time a blog post is published to the blog you've selected during set up, a post will be created and Queued automatically
  • The post is automatically customized 
  • And published at the time you've set on your Posting Plan
  • You can even add keywords like 'Latest News' if you don't want to Queue and post everything from the blog you've selected

How Can I Turn On RSS Auto-Import?

1. Firstly, go to 'Find Content':

2. Then select 'Share posts from others' blogs', if you want to share relevant content from other sources, or 'Share your blog posts', if you're looking to import content from your own blog.

3. Enter in the URL.

4. Click on 'Save Source'.

This will bring up options for you to make sure your source is perfect for your needs.

Setting Up General Options

Firstly, select 'On' under 'Auto-Import'.

The General Options available are going to be:

  • Add New Posts To (Bottom of Queue, Top Of Queue, Save As Draft, Publish ASAP). 
  • Category
  • Profiles

Setting Up Advanced Options

You will see a tab for Advanced Options. This increases the functionality you can get out of your Import.

The options are...

  • Add Old Posts To - If you want to Bulk Import all previous posts on the feed.
  • Add Text Before The Article's Title - What appears before the link in each post
  • Add Text After The Article's Title - What appears after the link in each post
  • Recycle Posts - One Time Post, Or Evergreen
  • Would You Like These Posts To Expire
  • Image Options - (Remove Images, Use Existing Images, Add Images From Links where missing)

After going through the options you can click save and your Feed is now turned on. It is already pulling those posts and when a new one goes live it will add it to based on your selected preferences. 

Note: Only a link preview will be generated for posts automatically imported from RSS and scheduled to Facebook. The Prefix and Suffix text will not populate due to restrictions from Facebook.  

How To Pause Imports

If you want to pause your import for any reason you can do this through your Pause Preferences

Simply select Pause All Auto Imports and when you are ready to turn them back on select Unpause

What Is The Pricing For RSS Auto-Importer?

Customers with...

  • Agency Plan will be able to have up to 25 RSS auto-importers (25 different RSS feeds)
  • Business Plan will be able to have up to 5 RSS auto-importers
  • Solo Plan will be able to have up to 2 RSS auto-importers
  • Custom Plan will be able to select 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50

For more information, please visit the Pricing Page.

How Do I Get More Auto RSS Importers?

You can 'add on' more RSS Auto-Importers if you like, for example, you may be on our Solo Plan and want to have 5 RSS feeds pulling automatically into your Queue instead of from just two sources. 

To add on more, please check out How Do I Upgrade? All you need to do is check out again by selecting the drop-down on a 'Custom Plan'.

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