How To Import A Single Post From Social

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How To Find The Post You Want To Import

1. To get started, navigate to 'Find Content'.

2. Select 'Curate from social media' or 'Re-share your top past posts' from the available options.

3. In the search box, type the name of the Social Profile whose posts you'd like to import or select your Social Profile from the drop-down menu

You can search for your own Profiles, Pinterest boards you follow, or others' Twitter Profiles, Facebook Pages

4. Click on the Social Profile whose posts you'd like to import.

💡   I  mporting in Bulk from the selected Social Profile will work exactly the same way, whether you're importing your own posts from one of your connected profiles, or you're looking at someone else's social media. 

SmarterQueue will then fetch the most recent social posts from that profile. 

5. Use the filters at the top of the search to further narrow your content and surface top-performing posts! You can filter & sort by:

  • Content type: Posts with an image, posts with a link, or all types
  • Retweets: include or exclude
  • Replies: include or exclude
  • Sort: by most recent, most liked, or most retweeted

How To Import & Share A Single Post

1. Scroll down and locate the post you'd like to re-share and click the 'Share' button.

2. You can either 'Share Full Post', 'Share Photo + Link', 'Share Link', or 'Share Photo'. For more information on what these options mean, head over to our article on What Is The Difference Between Share Photo, Share Link, Share Photo + Link & Share Full Post?

3. After selecting the portion of the content you'd like to share, finish editing in the Post Editor. 

Here you can choose a Category, select the profiles you'd like to share to, set your Evergreen settings, and finally add the content to your Queue!

Common Questions

What happens if I try to import a post that is too long for Twitter or LinkedIn?
When importing, you will always have the chance to edit the post text before adding it to your Queue. 

If you are importing to a Twitter profile, we will check the post length (including any links and images), and warn you if the post exceeds Twitter’s 280-character limit or LinkedIn’s 1300 character limit. 

You can then edit the text so that it doesn’t exceed the character limit.

Why are some tweets too long to import?

When you’re importing existing posts from Twitter, into one of your Twitter profiles, you may find that they can’t be imported because they’re over the 280-character limit.

If you’re importing a tweet from someone else’s profile, we add “via @username” into the tweet so the original author can be credited. 

You can choose not to add these credits by changing the “Add Text Attribution To Imported Tweets” setting in the Settings page.