How Do I Delete Media From 'My Media' Library?

Your 'My Media' library is a collection of all the media you've uploaded on SmarterQueue.

It is a trip down a Social Media memory lane πŸš— 

Currently, there isn't the option to delete past content or media,  but we do make sure to clear out images that aren't in use.

We keep all images that are attached to posts that are currently in your Queue or Past Posts (successfully published). That said:

  1. If an image is only attached to one/last post, and you delete the post from the Queue and then from Trash, we delete the image straight away
  2. If you remove an image from a post, and the image doesn’t appear in any other queued/published posts, it remains in the media library for 7 days, after which we delete the image from the Media Library.

Rest assured! πŸ˜‰ We are looking into countless ways of improving the My Media tool and love to hear your feedback.

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