What Are Character Limits?

Twitter has made changes that severely limit access to their API. While we continue to provide Twitter publishing capabilities, please note that access levels may vary for different users. We encourage you to refer to our Help Center articles for general guidance and to reach out to our support team for any questions about your specific access and limitations.

Sometimes when you are crafting the perfect post, you may lose track of how many characters you are able to use for each platform.

We have you covered! 

Each platform is slightly different, here is the breakdown...

Character Limits

If you are in the Post Editor and go beyond those limits, you would see a pop-up explaining. The example below, shows what happens when you create a Tweet:

You will receive a warning across all platforms similar to the image above. Just incase you are interested in the character limits before you hit them...

  • Facebook Pages: 5,000
  • Facebook Groups: 5,000
  • Pinterest: 500
  • LinkedIn Profiles: 1,300
  • LinkedIn Pages: 1,300
  • Twitter: 280
  • Instagram: 2,200