Changing Timezones & Adding Content From Different Timezones

Changing your timezone is significantly easier in SmarterQueue then it is in real life πŸ˜†

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How To Change Your Timezone

  • If you are looking to change your timezone, head over to your Settings

The top option is your current timezone...

  • Select the drop-down option and you will be able to select the correct timezone for you!

What Does It Mean To Change Timezone?

Your Posting Plan, and when your Queued Posts will be published is based on your current timezone by default. Updating the timezone will automatically change the time that your Posts are published. 

This happens because the timeslots keep their time value in the Posting Plan and don't move around each time you change your timezone.

Manually-scheduled posts with a specific timezone (either the default one in place at the time the post was created, or a manually-selected timezone set in the Post Editor) won’t be updated if you change your default timezone.

The same applies to recurring posts, as a very specific time is selected (along with a timezone setting).

Team Members Adding Content In A Different Time Zone?

If you have a distributed team and need to create content from all around the globe you can rest easy! 

πŸ’‘Your timezone will not be updated through your IP address

This means whoever is editing or adding content, will not adjust the timezone of your Posting Plan. This can only be done in settings, not by the location of the sign-in.

What Happens To The Queue After Updating Timezone?

All currently Queued posts will be updated to reflect the new timezone.