Why Are Imported Posts Showing As Drafts?

Please follow these steps to change your import settings - this may especially be useful if you notice that your imported posts are being saved as Drafts.

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How Can I Change Where Imports Are Saved?

Please follow these steps to adjust your import settings:

1. Using the top menu navigate to Add Content > Find Content

2. Search for the social media profile or RSS/blog feed whose posts you'd like to import 

3. Change the 'Import Mode' to 'Bulk'

4. At the bottom of the screen, click on 'Import Options' to adjust your settings 

5. Inside the pop-up, use the buttons at the top to change where your posts are saved: 'Top of Queue', 'Bottom of Queue, or 'Save as Drafts' 

Common Questions

Why are my imports saving as drafts? 

If you've ever bulk imported a social media feed and adjusted the 'Import Options' to 'Save Posts To Drafts' then this will be the default setting on all future imports. Please follow the steps above to change your import settings.