Why Are Imported Posts Showing As Drafts?

If you are seeing that your imported posts are being saved as drafts, we can help you get that resolved moving forward.

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Why Are My Imported Posts Saving As Draft?

When you first enter a feed you will see Import Options on the bottom of your screen. If you choose to save Posts to Drafts with your first feed, it will default to this setting.

How Can I Change Where Imports Are Saved?

When you enter your feed and choose which articles to import you can see where they will be saved on the bottom of your screen:

If you select Import Options, it will bring you to a list of different settings you can choose for your Imports.

At the top, you will see the destination where you will have your Imported Posts sent to:

Choose either 

  • Top Of Queue, or 
  • Bottom Of Queue, and you will see those posts added to your Queue and no longer saved as drafts. 
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