Why Is The Link I Added So Long?

You may notice that some of your links are longer than you may have thought when the post. This may be because you've automatically added UTM tracking parameters! Read on to learn more about what this means and how you can manage your settings 💪 

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What Are UTM Tracking Parameters?

UTM parameters allow you to measure how visitors reached your website. That is, if you shared a link to your website on your Facebook page called Smart Co and from your Blog Posts category, Google Analytics will show that page and category as UTM labels for all visitors who clicked on that link.

If you are adding a link and notice something like this added to the end: utm_source=_NETWORK_&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=_ACCOUNT_&utm_content=_CATEGORY_

It is because you have enabled Google Analytics UTM Tracking Parameters.

How Can I Turn Them Off?

If you want to disable these from your Links moving forward you can visit your Link Tracking Settings.

  • Open 'Setting' via the cog icon ⚙️ (top right of page)
  • Choose 'Settings' > 'Link Tracking'
  • Scroll down to the section labelled 'Campaign Tracking' (Google Analytics UTM)
  • Click 'No'