How To Use Visual Instagram Planner

Keep your Instagram on point with our Instagram Visual Planner 🔥With this feature, you can preview and reorder upcoming posts in your feed.

This feature is perfect for the aesthetically minded - you'll be able to easily see how your feed will look, and drag and drop your posts into your desired order.

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How To Find Visual Instagram Planner

  • From the Filters Section on the left-hand side of your Queue, select your Instagram Profile

  • You will see options to view by Preview, List, Week, and Month
  • Select “Preview”

  • This brings you to the Visual Instagram Planner 👀

How To View More Posts

If you want to see how your feed will look after just your next Queued Post, or after all the Posts you have Queued you have that option 🎉

You can either enter the number in manually...

Or, you can use the option to drag to select the correct number 💪

How To Re-order Posts

Re-ordering posts in your Queue has never been more fun!

Simply drag and drop posts within the same Category to build the best feed...

💡This will also re-order your posts automatically in List View!

Keep in mind that you won't be able to re-order posts in different Categories as your Timeslots on your Posting Plan will be scheduled for different times.

How To Switch Back To List View

When you have finished with Visual Instagram Planner, you can switch back to List View by going to the top-right and selecting List 💥

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