How Do I Use SmarterQueue For Different Businesses And Their Social Profiles?

Many SmarterQueue customers manage multiple accounts for different businesses or clients. Most of these customers are on the Agency or Business Plans.

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How To Add Social Profiles For Multiple Businesses

1. Ensure you are logged into the Social Profile that you'd like to connect to your SmarterQueue account

2. Navigate to the Profiles page using the top menu on your SmarterQueue dashboard 

3. Click the 'Add a Page/Profile/Group/Company' under the Profile type you'd like to add

4. You will then be redirected to the social media platform you're trying to connect in order to log in (if you aren't already logged into the correct Profile) and authorise the connection to SmarterQueue

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have connected each Social Profile for your various businesses and clients 

Note: Be sure to log in to the correct social media account before attempting to connect it to SmarterQueue so linking the Profiles runs smoothly

How To Categorise Content For Multiple Businesses

After you have connected all Social Profiles to your SmarterQueue account, use Categories to keep your clients' and businesses' content separate. 
In this example, a hypothetical social media manager has three clients: Cafe SQ, Burger Hut, and Chocolate Land 

Each client's content is colour coded (blue, yellow, and red) and named appropriately with the client name and content type. 
To set up Categories for multiple clients and businesses, please follow these steps: 
1. Navigate to the Categories page on your SmarterQueue dashboard

2. Click 'Add a New Category' to automatically add a new content type 

3. Adjust the Category name (Client Name + Content Type), colour, and select the relevant client's Social Profiles 

💡 Tip: Selecting only the relevant client's Social Profiles inside the Category's settings will help to keep your different clients' content separate in your Posting Plan and Queue.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have created Categories for all of the various types of content for each of your clients/businesses. 

Setting Up A Posting Plan For Multiple Businesses

After creating and colour coding Categories for each of your clients/businesses, setting up a Posting Plan is easy! 

1. Select the Posting Plan from your top menu in SmarterQueue 

2. Use the left-hand pane to toggle between each of your Categories

3. Drag and drop or click onto your weekly schedule to create Timeslots for each Category 

4. When you have finished adding Timeslots for each Category of one client, then move on to creating Timeslots for the next client

In this example, Burger Hut's Posting Plan was created first. 

5. Before creating the Posting Plan for the next client hide all other clients' Posting Plans for a clean schedule to more easily visualise. Click 'Edit Filters' to open the filter settings

6. Select only the Categories relevant to the client's Posting Plan you'd like to set up next. All other Categories should be deselected

In this example, Burger Hut's and Chocolate Land's Posting Plans are hidden to facilitate creating Cafe SQ's Posting Plan.

7. Repeat steps 1-6 to create the Posting Plan for each individual client or business

Note: The number of Timeslots hidden by filters is written under the 'Edit Filters' settings. 

8. For a comprehensive view of your Posting Plan across all businesses and Categories, open the 'Edit Filters' settings and select all Categories 

Note: We are currently working hard on on our Team Collaboration Feature as part of our major overhaul of SmarterQueue so watch this space, it's on its way!