Which Hashtags Will Increase My Engagement?

Adding hashtags to your posts will help categorize the content you're sending out. This will help your audience easily find what is relevant to them and interact with others that share their interests, by joining the conversation on a specific hashtag. 💪 

Optimizing your hashtags automatically helps optimize engagement. This is why finding out how best to maximize your hashtag usage is vital!

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How To View Hashtags' Performance?

You can find out how your hashtags are performing for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest by following these steps: 

  • Select 'Analytics', then 'Analyse Social Profiles'

  • Next, select a platform
  • Type in the profile name or select from displayed options
  • Choose the date range
  • And, Analyse!

This will show reporting that allows you to discover;

How To Check Your Post Overview?

This area will give you a big picture view of what's going on with the selected Social Profile. 

Among other important information, you will be able to see how many of your posts contain hashtags, which will put the numbers in the following sections into perspective.

How To Check Engagement vs Number Of Hashtags?

This area will give you insight into what the optimal number of hashtags is. 

You will be able to see how many posts there have been for a specific number of hashtags, as well as how well they did in regards to engagement: likes and retweets per post. 

Here we can see that posts with 1 hashtag tend to get more engagement than those with none. 

How To Check Your Most-Used Hashtags?

This area will show you which are the hashtags that you've used the most, as well as their performance. 

The numbers after each of the hashtags will tell you the number of uses. 

In addition to this, the information is color-coded - it uses the principle of a heatmap, meaning that the redder a hashtag is, the hotter it is when it comes to the engagement it has driven, while a greener color will mean lower engagement.  

While some hashtags were used more than others, those were not necessarily the ones that garnered the most engagement. 

How To Check Top Hashtags For Likes, Comments & Retweets?

These areas will show you which of the hashtags you've used are generating the most likes, comments and retweets from your followers, depending on the Social Profile you are analyzing.  

The same principles apply: the numbers will tell you how many times they were used, while the color-coding will show the level of engagement you are getting from each hashtag. 

How To Further Analyze Your Data?

When looking at the available information, it's important to always consider all factors. Hashtags drive engagement, but they are not the only thing to consider when looking at how your content is doing. 

Posts with certain hashtags may have received higher engagement, but that doesn't mean the hashtag caused that engagement. It's very important to always consider all factors, like text and media content and how your audience could relate to it, posting times, Social Profile used and its specifics, etc.

And if you can't recall how you used a hashtag and what your posts looked like, you can simply click on the tag. This will open Find Content in a new tab and filter the data for all posts that used it, for more insight:

And you can even look up your own Social Profiles, as well as your competitors, to see which hashtags would be good to use.