Which Hashtags Will Increase My Engagement?

Finding out how best to maximise your hashtag usage is vital!

How Can I View My Hashtags' Performance?

For Twitter and Facebook Profiles;

  • Select 'Analytics'

  • Then 'Analyse Social Profiles'

  • Next, select a platform
  • Type in the profile name
  • Date Range
  • And, Analyse!

This will show reporting that allows you to discover;

Most-Used Hashtags- Which ones you have used the most, and their performance.

Top Hashtags for Likes- Which hashtags are generating the most likes from your followers.

Top Hashtags for Retweets- Which hashtags are associated with posts that are resulting in the most retweets from your followers. 

Engagement vs Number of Hashtags- Find out how many hashtags work best for you and your followers, and use this to improve engagement for your future posts.

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