How Do I Find The Optimal Number Of Hashtags?

Finding the sweet spot for engagement on social platforms can be tricky. Finding and using relevant hashtags is no exception. SmarterQueue takes the guesswork out of this for you!

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Using The Analyse A Social Profile Tool To Find The Optimal Number Of Hashtags

Using SmarterQueue's built-in analysis feature, you'll find powerful tools to see hashtags and engagement on your own posts, as well as posts by competitors.

The main stats you will see are:

  • How many hashtags are used and the engagement that happens as a result.
  • The exact hashtags that have been used, in order of frequency, and their impact on likes, comments, and shares.

Understanding these will help you put together a plan for your engagement strategy.

Access the tool by clicking 'Analytics' > 'Analyse Social Profiles':

Hashtag Optimization With SmarterQueue

Finding the perfect balance and the right hashtags to use is as easy as finding the posts on your profiles, and competitors' profiles, that have the most hashtag engagement, and then continuously measuring performance.   This is where SmarterQueue's Analyse a Social Profile can help!

Scrolling down the Analyse A Social Profile page will bring you to this section below, showing engagements vs. the number of hashtags used.

In this example you can see confirmation of the engagement stats hitting optimum effectiveness around 5 hashtags; the Posts that got the most likes and retweets per Post were using this strategy. 

By scrolling down further, you can see which keywords and posts did the best. You can also click on individual hashtags to see the posts involved and study their engagement.

Last but not least, look at the competition and see what they are doing! 

You'll get unique insight using SmarterQueue's Analyse a Social Profile tools to help you make smarter choices on future posts. 

Drilling down on a keyword can also help you look at the types of posts that did well and received the most engagement.

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