How To Add Your Favourite Hashtags & Emojis To Posts With Snippets

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Examples Of How To Use Snippets

  1. Collect 30 hashtags in one Snippet, so you can add all of your frequently-used hashtags in one go.
  2. Collect smaller groups of hashtags, so you can mix-and-match hashtags. e.g. 10 hashtags about blogging + 10 hashtags about social media + 10 hashtags about your city.
  3. Add a promo blurb about your business – what you do, your benefits, and a link to your website/blog/promotion.
  4. Commonly-used phrases: “In case you missed it, check out this great article”; your favourite emojis: ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜; or even ASCII art: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Bulk import lots of posts from RSS or a social feed, and add a self-promo blurb to the bottom of each post.

Where Can Snippets Be Used?

You can add snippets to your post text from the Post Editor and the Bulk Importer.

  • Click on the 'clipboard' icon to see a list of your saved Snippets.

You can create new Snippets to use straight away, or preview and add to your existing Snippets.

  • Click the 'Add to Post' button for the Snippet you wish to add to your post. The Snippet will be added to the bottom of your post text. If you tick the checkbox, you can choose to add 5 dot-lines to separate your post text from the Snippet – useful for Instagram to hide hashtags below your description.
  • In the Bulk Importer, you can click the 'clipboard' icon in the Bulk Editor row to add Snippets to every post, or else click on the icon for an individual post.

You can repeat this process to add multiple Snippets to one post.

How Do I Save Or Edit A Snippet?

You can create a new Snippet after clicking the 'clipboard' icon, which opens up a list of your saved Snippets. Click the ' Create a new Snippet' button.

You can also manage your snippets from your Settings (⚙️) > Snippets page. This lets you create new snippets, as well as edit and delete your saved Snippets.

When creating or editing a Snippet, you can type any text, including line breaks, emojis 😍, and hashtags. Hashtags work the same as in the Post Editor – simply start typing your hashtag with a # character, and we’ll show a list of the suggested hashtags. Note: This requires you to have an Instagram profile connected. We’ll also show a count of how many hashtags you’ve added, to help you keep within Instagram’s 30 hashtag limit.

Absolutely! You can add a link in the Snippet. Maybe you find that you are always linking back to your own Blog, or your own site - you can include it in a Snippet. 

Please note: When you create a post you are only permitted to have one tracked shortened hyperlink in it. If you already have one present and try to insert another one, even within a Snippet, it will be posted as is, without Google UTM or Bitly Processing.

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