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Engaging with your audience is an important part of any social media strategy. 

Thanks to SmarterQueue's engagement tools, you can easily interact with your followers on Facebook as well as monitor other social accounts all within SmarterQueue! 🎉 

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What Engagement Tools Does SmarterQueue Have? 

All within your SmarterQueue account you can engage with your own audience and your favorite accounts on Facebook 🎉

You can: 

  • Discover Facebook Pages to engage with
  • Save your favorite sources for easy access 
  • Like or comment on Facebook posts

Where Can I Find The Engagement Tools?

  • Navigate to "Engage" in the top menu of your SmarterQueue account.

  • Click on the search bar to see your Facebook Pages.

  • You can also type into the search bar to discover other relevant Facebook Pages.

  • Once you've located an account you'd like to engage with or monitor, select it to populate recent posts 😊 

How To Like & Comment On Facebook

  • Follow the instructions above to navigate to the "Engage" page and select the Facebook Page you'd like to view
  • In the bottom right of a specific post you'd like to engage with you will see one of your profile icons and a drop-down menu. Click and select the Facebook Page you want to engage from

  • Click the "Like" button in the left corner to like a post and see the like-count update in real-time 🎉 

  • Click the "comment" button to start commenting on a post

  • In the pop-up that appears, write your comment in the text box then click "Comment"

  • You will see the comments number update to reflect your engagement! 💬

How To Save Sources To Engage With & Monitor

  • Follow the instructions above to navigate to the "Engage" page and search for the profile you'd like to view 
  • Click "Save Source" to add the source to your "Engage Sources" on the left-hand menu 

Note: The left-hand menu separates your sources into "Engage Sources" and "Import Sources" for easy access. "Import Sources" are all Facebook profiles you've saved inside "Find Content." "Engage Sources" are sources you save directly from inside the "Engage" dashboard by following the above steps.

💡 Save the sources you most frequently interact with to easily access them and monitor new posts! This is great to monitor competitors and stay up to date.