Error When Trying To Engage With A Facebook Post: "Facebook Reports That You Do Not Have Permissions For This Action"

While using SmarterQueue's engagement tools to like or comment on a post, you may receive the following error:  

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  • Why Am I Seeing This Error?
  • How Can I Fix This For My Facebook Page?
  • What To Do If You're Still Seeing The Error Message
  • Why Am I Seeing This Error? 

    You might be seeing this error for one of the following reasons: 

    1. A permissions error will occur when a Facebook Page which is not published tries to engage (like or comment).
    2. You may have been flagged by Facebook for spam-like behavior by liking too often. The exact limit has not been documented so please make note of your recent behavior if you suspect this may be why you are receiving the above error message.  

    How Can I Fix This For My Facebook Page? 

    In order to fix this error, please:

    1. Publish your Page on Facebook
    2. Re-authorize your Facebook permissions

    What To Do If You're Still Seeing The Error Message

    If you are still encountering this error, it may be a permissions bug on Facebook's end, so please contact us so we can investigate further! Be sure to include the following information in your email:

    • A screenshot of the specific post you're unable to engage with
    • The name of the Profile you're trying to engage as
    • Any other relevant details 
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