What Is A Link Placeholder [[link]] And Can I Remove It From My Post?

Many of your posts may include links. When you add a link to your post in 'Post Editor' of SmarterQueue, you may see some quick changes to how it looks.

Below we will explain what happens with the link you've added, what the [[link]] placeholder is and if you need to keep it in your post. ✨ 

In This Article

Links that you want to be published with your post need to be added to the post text area in the 'Post Editor'.

When doing this, you will notice that your link will quickly be replaced with a placeholder - [[link]]. This is placeholder text to represent where the link will appear and will be replaced with the actual link when you save and publish the post.

A new 'Link' area will come up right under your Post text area to show you the link that you've added.

You will also be able to see what the link will look like when published (along with the other components of your post) in the preview pane, generated on the right-hand side.

Can I Remove The [[link]] Placeholder From My Post?

Sometimes you may want to keep a Link Preview in your post, but remove the link text from it.

When you add a link to your post in the 'Post Editor' you will see it replaced with the '[[link]]' placeholder. To remove the link from your post, you simply need to delete the [[link]]' placeholder from the post text area.

That said, when doing so you should take into account the rules for different social platforms - removing the link text doesn't always keep the Link Preview.

For Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest you may remove the text link and the link preview will remain with the post.

For Twitter, you may not remove the text link.

💡 Note: Be aware that this won't work if you add your own media/image to the Post - this will result in a warning message and you will have to re-add the link to continue, or cancel out and use an image generated by the link itself.

Use an image generated by the website in your link to avoid this.

💡 Note: Instagram will work differently, as it's required to add an image to an Instagram Post in order to publish it. The added links will be displayed as unactionable text, with no preview generated.

For more information on the behavior of links when adding them to your Posts for different platforms, check out our help article here

What Is The Bitly Placeholder?

You may notice that in your 'Post Editor' and preview pane (right-hand side), your Bitly link shows up as http://bit.ly/placeholder.

Rest assured, this is because the correct Bitly link is generated after you’ve saved your Post.

You’ll see inside your Queue that the correct Bitly link is shown.