How To Turn Off Bitly

If you would like to turn off Bitly link shortening, for either your entire Posting Plan, or just for one Post, there are easy steps to do this.

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How To Turn Off Bitly For Your Entire Posting Plan

  • Head to your Settings (the cog ⚙️ on the top right of your SmarterQueue dashboard)

  • Select Default Link Tracking and click 'None'

If you click on 'Manage Your Bitly Accounts' this will take you to your Profiles page where you can select Bitly and choose to remove it completely if you wish.

How To Turn Off Bitly For An Individual Post

If you just want to turn off Bitly for a single post you can do so in the Post Editor.

  • Click 'Link Settings'

  • Then turn off Bitly Click Tracking: