Can I Make A Template For Future Posts?

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Creating your post template

  • Go to the Post Editor. You can do this by clicking Add Content > Add a Post on the SmarterQueue website, or by opening the bookmarklet
  • Choose your Category and which social profiles will publish the post
  • Add any text or media you’d like to have in your post template
  • In the drop-down menu under When to Post, choose Save as Draft.
  • Click Save to save the post to the Drafts section of your Queue

Sharing a post from your template

  • When you’re ready to share a post from your template, navigate to your drafts folder
  • Click ... on your template to show more options, then choose Duplicate
  • Now, you can add to or change any of the parameters of the post – like the text, image, or link
  • When you’re all done, under When to Post, choose Add to Top or Add to Bottom. Hit Save
  • Your edited post will now show up in your Queue, and your template will remain in your drafts for you to work from. Simple!
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