Can I Make A Template Or Placeholder For Future Posts?

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How To Create Your Post Template

  • Create your post template - choose your Category and the Social Profile(s) to post to, and add any text and/or media you’d like to have in your post template

  • Select Save Draft from the bottom of the Post Editor.

Note: You can check the box for 'Add Another' before saving to remain in the Post Editor after saving the draft, with the same Category and Social Profile(s) already selected and ready to create another post/draft.

How To Share A Post From Your Template

  • When you’re ready to share a post from your template, navigate to your Drafts section of the Queue.

  • Click '...' on your template to show more options, then choose Duplicate.

Note: If the draft was created for multiple Social Profiles, you will see it saved as separate drafts, one for each Social Profile. You can select 'Duplicate' for either one and select the other Social Profiles in the Post Editor while working on the duplicate. 

  • Now, you can add to or change any of the parameters of the post – like the text, image, or link.

  • When you’re all done, select how you'd the post to be published from under 'Post Timing', as well as your 'Evergreen Post Recycling' settings.

Check out more information on how to schedule your content as well as Evergreen recycling

  • All that's left is to save the post to the Queue or publish it, based on the settings above. 

How To Create A Placeholder For Your Queue

You can easily create a placeholder post and schedule it in your Queue. 

  • Navigate to the Post Editor by clicking on 'Create a Post' on the SmarterQueue dashboard:

  • Inside the Post Editor, select the Category and Profiles you want to create the placeholder post for, and then add both the placeholder text and image as shown. 

  • Scroll down to Post Timing and schedule the post based on your preference: 

  • You can now see your Placeholder inside your Queue and add relevant content when it's time:

💡 Tip: Remember to  upload an image that can stand out, and act as a good reminder for you to add relevant content to the post when it's time to publish.