How To Upgrade To An Annual Plan

By upgrading your monthly subscription to an annual plan you'll save 15%!! Don't miss out on this easy way to save 🎉 

To upgrade, please follow these steps: 

1. Navigate to the cog menu on your SmarterQueue dashboard and select "Upgrade" from the drop-down menu to view the Pricing Page.

2. Use the switch to toggle your view from 'Monthly' to "Annual".

3. You'll see all Plans and pricing options updated below to reflect 15% savings! 

4. After you've chosen a Plan or configured a Custom Plan for your specific needs, then click "Select Plan".

5. On the next screen, you'll see a summary of your Plan, Business Details, Billing Details, and Payment Details. Please review and update this information as needed.

💡Note:If you paid by Apple Pay before, you will have to go through the Apple Pay process again to upgrade or purchase add-ons. Instructions can be found here. Alternatively you can use a different payment method.

6. When you're done, simply click "Checkout" at the bottom of the page to lock in your 15% discount and Annual Plan!

💡 Note: If you decide to upgrade in the middle of a payment cycle, the new payment for your Annual Plan will not be taken until your current billing period ends. This allows you to upgrade now, without being charged again for any time you've already paid for.

7. You'll see a confirmation on the next screen to confirm "Payment authorization successful!"