How to Get SmarterQueue for Free: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are lots of super-smart entrepreneurs out there who earn passive income via content marketing.  Whether you’re already one of them, or you’re just learning about this, you’re in the right place.

You can earn a recurring commission of 10-20% for every person who signs up from your referral link, which you can use to cover your SmarterQueue subscription.

This handy and practical guide will help you get lots of referrals by creating a robust, SEO-friendly, evergreen blog post or video that’ll drive traffic to your website and – for everyone who signs up to a paid plan via your link – their first month’s payment credited to your account. 

💸 You may never need to pay for SmarterQueue out of pocket again! 💸


Step By Step Guide to Promoting Your SmarterQueue Referral Link 📖


1. Choose Whether to Create a Blog Post ✍️ or Video 📹

Even better – what about both? You could create a video and transcribe it for your blog, which will help you rank on both search engines and YouTube. 

Videos can actually be quicker and easier to create if you opt for a screencast rather than a sit-down ‘talk-to-camera’ piece, or you could combine both formats if you’re comfortable with editing and presenting. 

Videos are helpful for demonstrating the tool in action, so you could always use GIFs or short screencasts in your blog post, too.

2. Identify Your Topics 📌

Pick out the things you’d like to say about SmarterQueue and what you think people would benefit from hearing about. For example:

  • Who would find SmarterQueue useful?
  • How does it work?
  • What are the main benefits you have seen from using it? Be specific if you can – e.g time saved, increased traffic, less hassle. 
  • What are your favorite features?
  • A step-by-step guide for your main social media tasks, e.g writing a post, setting up your Posting Plan, monitoring and engaging, curating content, analyzing posts, creating Variations, evergreen recycling.
  • How it compares to other tools (this will help catch traffic for people looking for comparisons).

3. Create Your Article Outline and Headers 📝

Your base structure should include an introduction, body, and summary, with clear headings that guide readers through your article. You’ll want it to be well-structured so that readers can immediately scan the post for relevant information and stay engaged. 

Start with a bullet point outline of your headers and subheadings –  it helps you divide your workload up into shorter sections. It’s important to structure your articles like this for SEO, as it helps Google index the page.

Use a keyword research tool like Moz or SEMRush to identify keywords for your article, and ensure they are represented in your headings. 

For videos, the same principles apply –– though you can’t ‘scan’ video for relevant information like you can a blog post, having a well-structured video with definitive sections helps ensure you stay on track, so the viewer stays engaged. 

4. Create the Content for Each Section ✨

When creating the content for each section, it’s helpful to imagine what you’d find helpful to know or see. Use a tool like Giphy Capture to create GIFs of the tool in action, rather than long-winded paragraphs to explain. Or, record short Loom screencasts with a voiceover, which are great for conveying the benefits of the feature you’re showcasing. 

We’ve created a useful resource of screenshots, gifs, and videos that do the hard work for you! 

5. Add Your Referral Link 🔗

Make sure to join our Affiliate Program and retrieve your referral link. Then add it at regular intervals throughout your post (or in your video’s description). 

Your link will give people a 30-day trial (double the regular trial length). If they sign up for a paid plan, you’ll receive a recurring commission of 10-20%, which you can use in any way you want, including for the SmarterQueue subscription costs. There’s no limit to how many people you can refer, so the more you share, the more you’ll earn. 

It’s important to be upfront about this in your blog post: make sure readers/viewers know this is a mutually beneficial arrangement (longer trial for them, credit for you), but as a paying user, that you genuinely enjoy using the product.

6. Add SEO-Optimised Titles, Meta Descriptions, and URL 🔎

Use your previously chosen SEO keywords in your post title, and URL. To come up with a title people are going to want to click on, you can either aim to communicate the biggest benefit of using SmarterQueue or the pain point it solves; or you could opt for a straightforward ‘review’ title or competitor comparison.

Here are a few ideas for the different approaches:

  • How this social media tool saved me XX hours a week (Benefit)
  • My secret weapon for boosting social media engagement (Benefit)
  • Keep running out of social media content? Here’s the solution (Pain Point)
  • An honest review of SmarterQueue  (Straightforward)
  • SmarterQueue vs. Hootsuite –– which is better? (Competitor Comparison) 

7. Promote Your Blog Post or Video! 📡

Add the link to your blog post or video as Evergreen posts to SmarterQueue, customizing the post for each profile. Make sure you tag @SmarterQueue! Setting them up as Evergreen means they’ll repeat as often as your Posting Plan permits, so you can set it and forget it –– safe in the knowledge that your review is accruing clicks each time it’s reposted. 

Other places to promote it:

  • Email list
  • Facebook Groups
  • Forums
  • The resources section of your website
  • Professional networks

Happy sharing!

Resource Library 📚

It can be really time-consuming creating screenshots and videos, so we've done it for you! Feel free to use the following assets in your videos or blog posts.

Images and GIFs to Use in Your Blog Post or Video 🎨

We've put together a folder of images, screenshots, and GIFs showcasing SmarterQueue, which you can use in your posts.

Download assets

Video Tutorials to Use in Your Blog Post 📹

The following videos are short walk-throughs of some of SmarterQueue's most popular features. Feel free to add them to your post! Want to know how? Read this first: How to embed YouTube videos in a blog post 💡


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