How To Connect And Post To Facebook Pages

Connecting your Facebook Page to SmarterQueue is easy!  As is standard with all 3rd party apps, you'll need to accept permissions to allow your Facebook account's connection to SmarterQueue before you can post; learn how to connect and post to your Facebook Page with the guide below 🎉

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How To Connect A Facebook Page

1. Navigate to the Profiles page on your SmarterQueue dashboard.  

2. Make sure you’re logged into the Facebook account that is an admin of the Page you’d like to connect inside your browser, then click on the "Connect" button for Facebook and select the "Connect a Page" option.

3. You’ll be redirected to the Facebook website and will see a dialogue box pop-up where you can then click to "Continue as" your Facebook Profile.

Important Note: This pop-up is to confirm that you're logged in as the right user! Rest assured, this does not give SmarterQueue permission to manage your Personal Facebook Profile in any way.  

4. Click "Select All" and "Next" to grant all permissions (recommended). 

Click "Done" to move forward.

Note: This is simply an authorization step inside Facebook. Granting granular permissions can cause issues using your Facebook Page with SmarterQueue later on, so please make sure to select all. You'll be able to choose which Pages to specifically connect to SmarterQueue later. 

6. Click "OK" to finalize permission granting steps.

7. You'll be redirected back to SmarterQueue, where you’ll see a list of all of the Facebook Pages available to connect to your account.

8. Choose which Facebook Page(s) you want to connect to by clicking on the relevant profile card and then selecting "Add".

Great job! You've now successfully connected your Facebook Page 🎉

Note: After you have connected your first Page, for any subsequent Pages you add you will see a screen confirming that you've previously granted permissions, including a link if you want to edit the permissions you have granted, and then you will select the Page(s) you want to add to SmarterQueue.

How To Post To A Facebook Page

1. Navigate to the  Post Editor by selecting Create a Post.

2. Choose a Category for your Post.

3. Select the Facebook Page(s) you want to publish your Post to by clicking on the Profiles' icons.

All Social Profiles will be initially greyed out like in the picture above until you make your selection. 

In the example below, we've already selected the Facebook Page.

4. Add text and media to your Post.

5. Scroll down to Post Timing and select how you want to publish your post:

6. Then choose your Evergreen settings - you can decide whether you want your post to recycle, or only post once

If you choose to recycle your post, you can set a number of times to cycle the post and/or expiry date.