How To Log In To SmarterQueue Using A Social Profile

You can easily log into your SmarterQueue account using your connected Social Profiles!    

How To Login With A Social Profile

1. Log into any of your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, or Pinterest accounts in your desktop browser.

Note: For this method of SmarterQueue login to work, you must have previously connected the Social Profile to your SmarterQueue account.

2. Navigate to SmarterQueue in another tab of your browser and click the "Login" button on the top right of your screen SmarterQueue.

3. From here, select the Profile that you logged into in your browser, and click through to enter your SmarterQueue account 🎉

💡Tip: This method of login is very useful if you want to give your team access to your SmarterQueue account without sharing your password.

Note: Social sign-in is only available for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Pinterest accounts. If you first signed up for SmarterQueue via an Instagram Profile, you'll need to either set a SmarterQueue password by following these steps, or reset your password here.