How To Write The Best Prompts For The AI Caption Writer

How To Write Prompts

To get the most out of the AI Caption Writer, you need to write a good prompt. 

A prompt is an instruction, written in natural language, that tells the AI what you want your post to be about. The prompt should be clear and concise and should include relevant keywords and topics. 

You can write your own prompt from scratch, giving you full freedom and creativity to generate social media posts.

If you're not sure how to write a good prompt, we've provided some examples to get you started, split into two main prompt styles:


The "Create" prompt style is the best place to start if you're creating captions from scratch. 

It offers multiple options to help you come up with great fresh social media posts and stories, but also summarize content from a URL, generate promotional content, find amazing topical quotes, and more:

Each option will then allow you to go into a bit more detail and find the best prompt for what you're looking to achieve. 

If, say, you choose to create a promotional post to generate leads for your product, you'll find that exact option, among many other templates, under "Promotional". All you need to do is click on it and add the specific product details:

Then just click "Generate" and you're ready to go:


The "Edit" prompt style will help you take existing content to the next level. 

It offers multiple options to help you rewrite great-performing posts and come up with variations, continue an already powerful piece of writing, expand on a great idea, or help you trim the fat and fit the main message in fewer characters for your post. 

If, say, you'd like to expand on an idea and provide supporting evidence for it at the same time you'll find that exact option under "Expand". All you need to do is click on it and share your idea:

Then just click "Generate" and you're ready to go:

The "Edit" prompt styles also work really well if you're editing an existing post.

Simply click the AI magic wand button within a specific post text box:

It will automatically open the AI Caption Writer with your post text pre-filled, along with a Rewrite instruction:

This makes it easy to generate lots of Text Variations of your existing post, so that you can recycle the same content over and over, but have it looking fresh each time. It's also great for A/B testing different stylers of post, to see what works best.

For example, you could rewrite the same post text with different tones of voice, or with hashtags and/or emojis. Add the various results as new text variations, and see how they perform over time.

More Prompt Ideas

  • You can quickly add up to 20 text variations of your post text using one of the 'Rewrite' prompts'
  • Try generating 30 hashtags for a topic, copy them to clipboard, and then save them as a Snippet'
  • Generate a question for your audience to engage with, copy it to clipboard, and then add it as your First Comment
  • Get creative - ask the AI to generate rhymes, haikus, sonnets, alliteration, etc.
  • Mimic your favourite characters - ask the AI to talk in the style of someone famous
  • Get the AI to rewrite your text using only emojis - then ask your audience to guess the meaning
  • Give an example of the format you want, and ask the AI to generate something similar